Prepare to Learn Chinese – Essential Things to Know

Prepare to Learn Chinese – Essential Things to Know


Learning Chinese is a fascinating thing at the beginning for new learners. You start fresh and plan to ace all the components of the Chinese Language but might stumble on your way. A slower improvement rate in learning Chinese might become a reason for you to back out of the learning process.

When you plan to open a conversation with over a billion people by learning Chinese, you must equip yourself with some of the vital information about learning Chinese.

To walk on the path of learning Chinese with confidence, you must know a few of the essential things associated with learning the Chinese Language.

It is Worth it

Like any other language, learning Chinese requires strong will and high levels of patience. Often termed as a challenging task to accomplish, Chinese is not that tough.

With a few months of dedicated study and determination, anyone can grasp the fundamental essence of Chinese Mandarin.

The benefits of learning Chinese are so many. Whether you want to enter the dynamic business world of China or hit some new roads of China to explore, learning Chinese lets you explore wider dimensions of the world.

It’s a Tonal Language

The tone is an essential aspect of the Chinese Language. Pitches matter in Chinese and thus requires a clear understanding of the tone of all the Chinese characters.

Including the neutral tone, Standard Mandarin has five different tones in total. It refers to the thing that the same set of vowels and consonants gives different meanings in different tones.

Thus, listening to more Chinese and spending hours practicing to speak Chinese is required to understand the tones of the Chinese Language.

Reading and Writing Chinese is a Different Story than English

The characters of Chinese are written in hanzi and are constructed differently. Chinese is written in hanzi characters that follow a completely different construction.

There are over 50000 characters in Chinese, and thus reading and writing Chinese demands more attention to listening and practicing to converse in Chinese with the natives.

Chinese Grammar – Pretty Similar to English Grammar

The grammar structure of the Chinese Language is not as tricky as often thought to be. It is pretty similar to the English grammar structure. Both Chinese and English languages follow the same Subject-Verb and Subject Verb Object pattern.

A similar grammar structure eases the learning process and makes it a bit easier than thought.

Learning Chinese Mandarin or any language requires a proper hold on all four components of a language – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

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