Find the Answer – Is Learning Chinese Easy or Difficult?

Find the Answer – Is Learning Chinese Easy or Difficult?


Knowing that Chinese is the most spoken language globally, it is worth a shot to learn Chinese – the Language of more than 1.2 billion people.

Mandarin Chinese lets you connect the wire of communication to a vast population. There are endless benefits of learning Chinese. It can lead you to step into the challenging and dynamic business world of China and bring you closer to one of the world’s oldest cultures.

So if you’re interested in learning Chinese but wondering if it’s easy to learn?

Putting the truth on the table, no language is easy to learn, but you must be aware of what defines the level of difficulty of learning a language.

Explore the two vital elements that determine the difficulty of learning a language and find the answer to whether Chinese is easy to learn or not.


The structure of Chinese Grammar is similar to English Grammar. Both use the most basic sentence structure – SOV, which consists of a subject, predicate, and object. It makes Chinese more straightforward to learn than other languages like Spanish and German.

Chinese Grammar is unique and easier to grasp, and also it has no morphology or word form like English.

In Chinese Grammar, you use the same measure of words for objects of the same kind or having similar characteristics.


The structure of the Chinese Language is built upon the combination of single Chinese characters.

Unlike English and other European languages, Chinese does not follow the alphabetic and phonetic writing system.

Chinese characters might scare you off as a beginner, but all of them are written in “Hanzi” and are very much easy to remember once you understand their radical structure.

You only need to get a good hold on the most commonly used 500 characters of Chinese in the first stage of learning Chinese to use it as a language of communication.


Threshing out some helpful information, it is clear that learning Chinese is an off-track drive, but you can still drive the path of learning with suitable Chinese Classes.

Now the question arises – where to find the best Chinese Classes?

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