Clay, Arts and Crafts, & Calligraphy Classes

Clay, Arts & Crafts, & Calligraphy Classes in Portland/Beaverton/Bethany

Learn New Techniques with Calligraphy Classes in Portland from Art World School

After conducting extensive research, Art World School discovered that no one in the Portland and neighbor area was giving monthly calligraphy classes in Portland, so we decided it was ideal to start a new trend. We’re glad to see that the calligraphy bug has spread since then!

We provide classes from intermediate to expert levels of calligraphy, which involve working with various surfaces and textures and watercolor lettering. There are also painting and illustration classes available.

To be an expert in Calligraphy is easy task!

Calligraphy is not an easy skill to master. It, like any other valuable talent, demands regular practice. Calligraphy, on the other hand, is not nearly as tough as it appears. Since 1997, we’ve taught tens of thousands of students how to write the letter, and our online teaching technique has shown to be an effective approach for beginners to begin lettering right away.

Our introductory course begins with a list of the materials you’ll need to get started. Then you’ll trace the letterforms with a pencil using our practice instructions. On the step, you go from the pencil to the pointed pen, tracing letterforms and eventually constructing words and placing them on the page.

The secret sauce of our school is our one-of-a-kind feedback system. You will publish photos of your work in art shows as you finish your projects. Then, you can ask your instructor any questions you have in the gallery. Your instructor will go through your work with you, answer any issues you may have, and make suggestions for improvement. This type of one-on-one tutoring can help you learn much more quickly than reading and practicing alone.

Join Calligraphy Classes Right Now!

Have you ever wanted to study modern calligraphy but didn’t know where to start? We think that anyone, at any moment in life, can master the fundamentals of modern calligraphy. Join Art Wold School for calligraphy classes in the Portland area! Learn the trade techniques and equip yourself with the tools that the pros use daily (while having fun learning a new talent!).

So, visit us to develop your or your kid’s skills, and we will be delighted to meet you!

Learn to Draw with Arts and Crafts Classes in Portland

Arts and Crafts Classes in Portland helps in learning or improving your skill. No matter you only draw a stick figure or you already have established learning drawing and painting talents is considered one of the most pleasant successes. Our school is specifically for you if you have always wanted to draw or paint but don’t know where to start or if you believe that making a great piece of art is completely beyond your abilities.

Drawing can help you expand your imagination and create new worlds or capture the aspects of life that most fascinate you. Therefore, whether you want to learn calligraphy, pottery, clay modeling, or anything else, we help you develop the abilities necessary to draw anything you desire with the arts and crafts classes in Portland offered by Art World School.

Art World School Help You Build Artist in You through Arts and Crafts Classes in Portland

The good news is that with our Arts and Crafts Classes in Portland, you can teach your brain to see the world through the eyes of an artist. The classes at our school designed to improve your brain’s pathways. To the areas that allow you to draw and be creative. Drawing is a skill that can help you learn the key to understanding how to listen to your brain similarly as the artist would. We’d love to demonstrate and prove to you how simple it is to progress from stick figures to expert.

Arts-Crafts, and Clay Class in Portland

To begin your learning, we’ve prepared workshops in different art forms. Say, for example, clay, arts and crafts, and calligraphy. It will teach you the essentials you’ll need to sketch or paint. If getting beyond the stick figures is difficult for you, this is the program for you to learn how to paint, sketch, or enhance your drawing skills. These workshops will show you exactly what you should be searching for when drawing.

Most art tutors skip over this because they assume you already know the fundamentals. Our simple exercises will change the way that you think about drawing. In conclusion, we invite you to fill enrolment form on our website to start your art journey. So, that you begin learning as fast as possible with our arts and crafts classes in Portland.

Clay, Arts and Crafts, & Calligraphy Classes are available Mondays through Saturdays in our After School Program, Camps, or as One-on-One Classes. Please click on the links below to find out more!

ClayClay classes include the use of various types of clay such as air dry clay, modeling clay, and Fimo clay. Each class involves a different project with hand building, pottery making, or hand building various objects. Each student receives step-by-step instruction, feedback, and individual attention from the teacher.

*All materials included in class tuition for members and non-members
Arts & CraftsArts and Crafts classes involve a different project with a different material and theme. Student develop different skills such as designing, knitting, weaving, origami folding, jewelry painting, card making, and more with our arts and crafts classes.

*All materials included in class tuition for members and non-members
CalligraphyCalligraphy classes teach the fundamental methods and techniques of calligraphy writing with different calligraphy pens and brushes. Each class includes instruction and guided practice, as well as the completion of a different calligraphy project. Calligraphy projects included sign making, book cover design and making, illuminated manuscripts, banners, and more.

*All materials included in class tuition for members and non-members
Class PackageMember PriceNon-Member Price
4 Classes
(Valid for 1 Month)
10 Classes
(Valid for 10 Weeks)
12 Classes
​(Valid for 3 Months)
13 Classes
​​(Valid for 3 Months)
25 Classes
​​(Valid for 6 Months)
Optional Membership Program$125Receives 1 year of classes and camps at member pricing, 1 package of art supplies, and 1 additional free class
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