Clay, Arts and Crafts, & Calligraphy Classes

Clay, Arts & Crafts, & Calligraphy Classes in Portland/Beaverton/Bethany

Clay, Arts and Crafts, & Calligraphy Classes are available Mondays through Saturdays in our After School Program, Camps, or as One-on-One Classes. Please click on the links below to find out more!

ClayClay classes include the use of various types of clay such as air dry clay, modeling clay, and Fimo clay. Each class involves a different project with hand building, pottery making, or hand building various objects. Each student receives step-by-step instruction, feedback, and individual attention from the teacher.
Arts & CraftsArts and Crafts classes involve a different project with a different material and theme. Student develop different skills such as designing, knitting, weaving, origami folding, jewelry painting, card making, and more with our arts and crafts classes.
CalligraphyCalligraphy classes teach the fundamental methods and techniques of calligraphy writing with different calligraphy pens and brushes. Each class includes instruction and guided practice, as well as the completion of a different calligraphy project. Calligraphy projects included sign making, book cover design and making, illuminated manuscripts, banners, and more.
Class PackageMember PriceNon-Member Price
4 Classes
(Valid for 1 Month)
10 Classes
(Valid for 10 Weeks)
12 Classes
​(Valid for 3 Months)
13 Classes
​​(Valid for 3 Months)
25 Classes
​​(Valid for 6 Months)
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