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The Best Online Art Classes in the Portland/Bethany/Beaverton area for Kids and Adults

Art World School offers a professional online fine art program with an effective setup to bring our highly renowned fine art program to your own home. We not only inspire you but will also teach you the fundamentals of every facet in fine art. In addition, we guarantee the outcomes of a few online art classes in Portland if you have determination, consistency, and practice.

For the finest learning and polishing the artist in you, our professionals would take you on art trip for the next couple of months, from where you will begin with the fundamentals. It will aid in developing your talents and give you the confidence to move on to the next level of fine arts. So, join our online art school in Portland, art school in Beaverton, and art school in Bethany and be the artist you want to be.

The online art classes in Portland will also teach you how to appreciate art and its relation to culture and history. In addition, the programs provide you with an understanding of how original art is classified, understood, and valued. Rather than copying an artwork or photograph, students will start expressing their thoughts and ideas with our art programs.

If you looking for online art classes in Portland then, you’ve come to the right place.  Students develop important basic skills sets in drawing and painting with a wide array of mediums.

Art World School’s online art classes are special in that they are one-on-one classes with individualized lesson plans for each student. This optimizes the teaching quality and students show progress with each class and artwork. Students are able to receive feedback from the teacher throughout each class and ask questions as needed, and follow the teacher’s demonstration of each step in completing the artwork. They can also have teachers demonstrate any techniques or methods that they desire to learn, as well as personalized critique of their works. What’s more, there are many enrollment options and classes can be scheduled by the student whenever they like. This offers students maximum benefits and flexibility to make art possible in their lives and learn to create what they have always dreamed of.

Class Length45 Minute One-on-One
60 Minute 2 Student
​90 Minute 3 Student
Class ScheduleMonday - Friday between 10:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday between 10:00am - 6:00pm
● Students schedule classes on our scheduling site between those hours
​● Students can use same class credits for online classes and in person classes
CurriculumSame as Fine Art Program Curriculum
Personalized Lesson Plans with Different Mediums
Can be student requested project
Trial Class Offered for New Students

60 Minute 2 student or 90 Minute 3-6 Group Classes

Class Package
(60 Minute 2 Student or 90 Minute 3-6 Student Class)
Member PriceNon-Member Price
4 Classes$115$135
10 Classes$275$299
12 Classes$295$335
13 Classes$315$359
25 Classes$599$680
Membership Program
Discount Program
Receives member price on all classes and camps for 1 full year
Receives 1 package of art supplies valued at $50
Receives 1 free group class of choice (fine art, clay, arts & crafts, or calligraphy)

One-on-One Class Packages
45 Minute Classes

Number of ClassesMember PriceNon-Member Price
(Valid for 1 Month for Non-Members)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
(Valid for 10 Weeks for Non-Members)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
(Valid for 15 Weeks for Non-Members)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
(Valid for 6 Months for Non-Members)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
Optional Membership Program$125Optional
Discount Program
Receives member price on all classes and camps for 1 full year
Receives 1 package of art supplies valued at $50
Receives 1 free group class
*Receives membership year to use any class package purchased

Art World School’s Fine Art Curriculum

Beginner LevelBeginner/Intermediate LevelIntermediate/Advanced LevelAdvanced Level
Color TheoryLight, Color, Design, TexturesDrawing and Painting from Observation, Photography, or Own CompositionCreating One's Own Drawing and Painting Style with Original Composition
Line, Shapes, ProportionIntro to Sketching - Basic Shapes and Different Subject MatterSketching from ObservationSketching Own Composition - Figurative, Landscape, Architecture, Still Life, Floral, Creative
Elements of Composition,
​Positive & Negative Space
Perspective Drawing & Composition from Different ViewpointsDrawing and Painting of Compositions from Different Viewpoints from ObservationUsing Different Viewpoints in Own Composition and Original Artwork
Creating Sense of Light and Shadow with ColorsPractice Creating the Illusion of 3D with Different MediumsCreating the Illusion of 3D with Different Mediums from ObservationUsing 3D Concepts in Own Composition ad Artwork
Introduction to Different Subject MattersAnimals, Still Life, Floral, Self-Portrait, Architecture, Landscape, CreativeCombining Different Subject Matters with Different Drawing and Painting TechniquesCreating Own Composition and Subject Matter with One or a Combination of Different Techniques
Styles of the MastersUsing Styles of the Masters to Create Original ArtworkImitating Works of the MastersCreation of One's Own Style of Art
Different Types of Pastels, Markers, WatercolorSketching, Intermediate Watercolor, Color Pencils, Watercolor Pencils, Pen Drawing, Watercolor Markers, Acrylics, Mixed MediaIn Depth Study of Mediums and the Combining of Different MediumsCreation of One's Own Artwork with Choice of Medium or Combination of Different Mediums

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​(Fine Art classes are limited in size – please inquire)

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