Pre-K Art Class Benefits

Preschool Art Classes

Pre-K Art Classes in Portland/Beaverton/Bethany with Different Art Classes Available for Ages 3-4

Enrollment Process & Plan:

  1. Assess the student’s level and interests
  2. Provide the student with a lesson plan with the suitable subject matter and mediums in the appropriate level
  3. Each lesson will provide the student with new material and review past material to reinforce the understanding of skills and techniques taught
  4. Teacher will keep student record lesson materials taught and student progress
  5. Every student will be given the opportunity to participate in Art World School’s Student Art Shows, any available art competitions, and Art World School performance events

Pre-K Art Class Curriculum

Students can choose from the following classes

*Materials Included in Tuition

Fine ArtClayArts & Crafts
A different art project will be taught each class with various fine art mediums that involve drawing and painting. Students will learn important concepts of drawing with artwork that involves different subject matters and concepts. Students will color theory, principles of composition, methods of drawing and painting, and techniques involving different mediums.

* Students develop fine motor skills, sense of line and shapes, color theory, principles of composition, and introduction to different mediums as well as practice with different mediums and genres of art
Each class will involve a different art project of a different object completed with various kinds of clay and tools. Students will learn hand built clay and pottery. They will about the various objects that can be made with play and also ways to decorate the objects with clay tools. Many techniques will be taught and students will finish a different object each class.

*Students not only develop their fine motor skills, but hand-eye coordination, understanding of making three dimensional shapes and objects, and learn to add details as well as texture on 3D objects through clay.
Students will make a different art and craft project each clay that uses a wide variety of materials. Students learn will learn about the basic principles of design and creating three dimensional art projects, then adding decorative elements. Projects could include origami, weaving, paper mache, modge podge, mosaics, and more.

*In addition to developing their fine motor skills, students gain a sense of art exploration and imagination through using various materials to make different arts and craft projects. Students gain a sense of three dimensional design, understanding of different materials, and how to make 3D art.

Class Options & Description

Class OptionsClass Schedule
30 Minute One-on-One Class•Monday – Friday Between 2:00pm – 7:00pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm
• Flexible scheduling through our scheduling site with group classes, one-on-one classes, and 2 student classes offered daily
45 Minute 2 Student Class• Flexible scheduling through •Monday – Friday Between 10am – 3:00pm
• Flexible scheduling through our scheduling site with group classes, one-on-one classes, and 2 student classes offered daily

Preschool Art Classes

Students ages 3-4 will have a choice of Fine Art, Clay, and Arts & Crafts that will help students reach developmental milestones, enhance language and communication, cultivate social and emotional wellbeing, and build cognitive development all while working hard and having fun creating art. We do this through using different mediums, tools, cultural/geographical topics, individual/partner/group activities, exercises exploring emotion and imagination through storytelling, practice spelling, sounding words, and hand-eye coordination to improve fine motor function and more.

Class Packages for 30 Minute One-on-One/45 Minute 2 Student

Class PackageMember PriceNon-Member Price
4 Classes
(Valid for 1 Month)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
10 Classes
(Valid for 10 Weeks)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
12 Classes
(Valid for 3 Months)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
13 Classes
(Valid for 3 Months)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
25 Classes
(Valid for 6 Months)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
Optional Membership Program

(Receives member price on all classes and camps for 1 full year
Receives 1 package of art supplies valued at $59
Receives 1 free class of choice (fine art, clay, arts & crafts, or calligraphy)
*Receive 1 year to use any class package purchased)
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