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Weekend Art Drawing Painting Clay Calligraphy Arts and Craft Classes Portland

Art and Craft Weekend Classes in Portland for Students!!

Enroll your child in our weekend classes in Portland this season to give them a taste of the arts! Our programs provide youngsters with one of the best opportunities. We help develop their creativity and an in-depth artistic passion—all of which none of the school schedules offer.

Weekend Classes in Portland at the Art World School are ideal for artists of all levels. Above all, we provide firsthand experience with dedicated instructors. Enrolment is open, and participants may choose as many classes as they like.

In addition to the weekend classes in Portland, our school also offers a range of in-person and virtual options classes. Say, for example, in the drawing, clay-modeling, and calligraphy classes. You can learn more about our art classes by exploring our program sections.

Art World School Provide Fun Way of Learning

Our weekend classes in Portland are exciting, educational, engaging, and above all, FUN! In all Art World School’s programs, kids learn, perform and experience a wide variety of art forms. Our learning classes are unique because we offer camps focusing on various art forms. Not only that, we have a combination of multi-arts. Unlike other programs dedicated to a single discipline with few options.

Online Art Classes are available

Take the next step in your artistic development. You can learn about various art themes in our Art World School seminars. Our classes range from drawing and painting to lettering and fine art. Therefore, no matter if you’re a novice or an experienced artist we offer sketching, clay modeling, doodling and design, collage, and color classes. All taught by outstanding artists and professionals. As a result, you’ll have the chance to master new skills and use new tools with us. You can also gain experience by finishing and sharing your artwork in our art shows. In conclusion, if you want to know about art classes, contact us through our phone: 503-590-5518 or our email: schooldirector@artworldschool.com.

45 Minute One-on-One Classes Fine Art, Clay, Arts & Crafts, or Calligraphy60 Minute 2 Student ​Fine Art, Clay, Arts & Crafts, or CalligraphyPrivate Family Classes ​Fine Art, Clay, Arts & Crafts, Calligraphy​Fine Art (Drawing/Painting) Group Classes of 6 Students MaximumClay Group Classes of 6 Students Maximum
Can be scheduled between 10:00am - 4:00pmCan be Scheduled between 10:00am - 4:00pmCan be scheduled between 10:00am - 4:00pm10:00-11:30am
1:45pm - 3:15pm
10:30am - 11:30am
3:30pm - 4:30pm
Follows the Fine Art/Clay/Arts & Crafts/Calligraphy Curriculum

One-on-One Classes
Follows the Fine Art/Clay/Arts & Crafts/Calligraphy Curriculum

Fine art program
Project of choiceFollows our Fine Art Program Curriculum

Fine art program
All materials included for members and non-members
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