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Fine Art, Clay, Arts & Crafts, Calligraphy Classes

Learn Arts and Crafts Classes in Beaverton with One on One Classes

Art World School has been around for more than two decades. Parents continue to turn to us for success for their children. And this is because of our one-to-one teaching model. Our one-on-one program offers arts and crafts classes in Beaverton. There are no distractions, noise, or disruptions in our teaching model. This has resulted in a boost learning process. Therefore, students may learn quicker and grasp more information.

Furthermore, students with this program have more control over their studies. Also, our instructors commit to assisting each of their students. This helps them in achieving their learning purpose. One-on-one interactions help students become the best versions of themselves. Subsequently, students can enjoy the joy of learning for the rest of their lives.

Our one-to-one Class is Planned According to Students

Our personalized learning programs are according to student’s interests. Above all, our teachers adjust their learning pace. It ensures that students learn the content before moving forward and no one falls behind. We are the best in one-on-one teaching style, and we continue to be leaders. We embrace new technologies and approaches to make the classroom experience unforgettable.

Art World School One-on-One Classes Provide Unique Learning Experience

Our arts and crafts classes in Beaverton involve live, one-on-one meetings. This is what sets us apart from others. Students and teachers gather at pre-arranged times for meetings. First, teachers invite students to submit their completed work. After then they grade them in front of the class. Finally, students comment on their completed work and reply to the instructor.

If you want to enrol yourself or your kid in our one-on-one classes, talk to us at 503-590-5518 to gain more information.

Classes can be taken from the After School Program, Camps, or Scheduled as:
​ 45 Minute One-on-One Classes/60 Minute 2 Student Classes/90 Minute Group Classes

Fine ArtFine art classes follow our Fine Art Program Curriculum, which could be found in our Fine Art Program page. Each student works on projects based on their own level and interests, with personalized lesson plans, step-by-step instruction from the teacher, and receives individual attention every class. Full curriculum and details can be found here:
Fine Art Program
ClayClay classes include the use of various types of clay such as air dry clay, modeling clay, and Fimo clay. Each class involves a different project with hand building, pottery making, or hand building various objects. Each student receives step-by-step instruction, feedback, and individual attention from the teacher.
Arts & CraftsArts and Crafts classes involve a different project with a different material and theme. Student develop different skills such as designing, knitting, weaving, origami folding, jewelry painting, card making, and more with our arts and crafts classes.
CalligraphyCalligraphy classes teach the fundamental methods and techniques of calligraphy writing with different calligraphy pens and brushes. Each class includes instruction and guided practice, as well as the completion of a different calligraphy project. Calligraphy projects included sign making, book cover design and making, illuminated manuscripts, banners, and more.
Class Schedule
Flexible Scheduling Monday - Saturday
Classes can be taken in the schedule for the After School Program, Camps, or scheduled individually as 45 Minute One-on-One Classes/60 Minute 2 Student Classes/90 Minute Group Classes
Please contact Art World School with Schedule Request for other Class Times

Group or 2 Student Class Packages

Class Prices
After School Program or Fall/Spring/Summer/Winter Camp 60 Minute Classes - $20 Members/ $25 Non-Members
* Discount for packages of 5 or more classes
Individually Scheduled 45 Minute One-on-One Classes/60 Minute 2 Student Classes/90 Minute Group Classes - See Price Chart Below
Class PackageMember PriceNon-Member Price
Drop - In$30$35
4 Classes$115$135
10 Classes$275$299
12 Classes$295$335
13 Classes$315$359
25 Classes$599$680
Membership Program
​Optional discount program for 1 full year of any class or camp at member pricing, 1 package of free art supplies, 1 additional free class

45 Minute One-on-One Class Packages

Number of ClassesMember PriceNon-Member Price
(Valid for 1 Month for Non-Members)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
(Valid for 10 Weeks for Non-Members)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
(Valid for 15 Weeks for Non-Members)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
(Valid for 6 Months for Non-Members)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
Optional Membership Program$150Optional
Discount Program
Receives member price on all classes and camps for 1 full year,
1 package of art supplies valued at $59, 1 art bag, 1 free group class of choice (fine art, clay, arts & crafts, or calligraphy)
*Receive membership year to use any class package purchased

* Other class times can be made by appointment

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