Have Art World School Come to You as a Mobile Art Class or Art Vendor

Have Art World School Come to You as a Mobile Art Class or Art Vendor

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Art World School has been offering After School programs, camps, and special programs in partnership with other schools as well as organizations in the Beaverton School District and Portland School District. Classes can include a combination of Fine Art Drawing/Painting, Clay, Arts & Crafts, or Art and Calligraphy classes. Art World School provides the art supplies in these special programs as a vendor and will send the school’s outstanding art instructors to provide the classes at these other locations. The curriculum, class length, and schedule can be tailored to the liking of these other schools or organizations. Classes can also include tiered projects to suit students of all ages. Please contact Art World School by email today to discuss options and receive a quote.

Make your Own ART WORLD with MOBILE ART CLASSES in Portland/ Beaverton/Bethany

Art World School started with a vision. A vision to aid the bright young leaders of tomorrow to transform into creative, artistic, and culturally equipped individuals. Our dedicated staff worked passionately and vigour to develop these budding art enthusiasts into fully bloomed artists. And it was our passion and competency that earned us the reputation of being one of the best Fine Art Schools in Portland.

As time passes, our little ones have their schedules jam-packed from academia to personality development. But that shouldn’t be depriving the world of brilliant artists and stunning art masterpieces, right? As a connoisseur of art, we buckled up and started on our mission to make the world a brighter place with our Mobile art class program in Portland, Beaverton, and Bethany.

Kid-Friendly Mobile Art Classes Now at Your Step

Experienced and skilled art professionals are coming to you to navigate your artistic journey in different art techniques and forms. These kid-friendly mobile art classes put the emphasis on offering a well-rounded curriculum that gradually helps you grow as an artist and develop life skills. Above all, our faculty is made up of trained teachers and artists. They also contribute to the professional and skill development of our students. In every class, our instructors provide individualised guidance, feedback, and evaluation to every student in our fine art program.

With every piece of artwork, we ensure student growth and assist students in laying a solid foundation and developing valuable lifelong skill sets.

Step into the ART WORLD as a Professional with an ART VENDOR in Portland/Beaverton/Bethany

Loved Art? Nice.
Became an artist? Even Better!
Now, what?

Being an artist is more than self-fulfilment. If being an artist is what fills you up with a sense of accomplishment and contentment, then it’s time for you to break the cocoon and share your masterpieces with the world. A professional and experienced art vendor in Portland/Beaverton/Bethany helps you step into the professional art world and make substantial revenue along the way.

Ever heard wonderful stories of what turning an exciting hobby into a professional career can do? It’s a golden chance to start young in the art market. Our expert Kid’s art vendors in Portland/Beaverton/Bethany are strategic, insightful, and well-equipped in their approach.

Just give us a call when your masterpiece is done, and we’ll be right there with you!

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