Digital Art

Digital Art Classes

Our Digital Art classes act as both a leaping-off point for students into the world of Digital Art and to build on the fundamentals of art in the digital medium.

The teachers for the classes will be either Sean or Youki, who are both professional illustrators with their works published in various media.

All digital art classes will have drawing involved and teach students figure drawing, character design, creating different color effects, and different genres of illustration. Content taught in Procreate will include layers, selection, different masks, modes, making gradients/color alterations, using different brushes, and more.

Students can bring any device that has Procreate or Photoshop downloaded on it, with a drawing device (Apple Pencil or Drawing tablet if using a laptop). Procreate and Photoshop can only be used on an iPad or any laptop (Android,Chrome, etc are all ok), so students need a drawing tablet that they can hook up to a laptop to draw on if they are not using an iPad. Drawing tablets can be purchased starting at around $50.

The classes are 90 minutes to give students enough time to learn the new material that is taught, practice, and create their own digital art every week. They are small group classes with a maximum of 6 students to ensure quality and are the same price as our other 90 minute group fine art classes, so you can use the same class credits from class packages for 90 minute group classes.

The teachers will teach a different topic and focus (techniques, functions, et) every week, so students can come to one of the classes each week or all three to obtain more practice on topics taught that week. These classes are currently designed for students ages 7 and up and available for sign-up on Mindbody.

90 Minute Digital Art Group Classes

Class Package
(Maximum 6 Students per Class)
Member Price
Non-Member Price
4 Classes
(Valid for 1 Month for Non-Members)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
10 Classes
(Valid for 10 Weeks for Non-Members)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
15 Classes
​(Valid for 4 Months for Non-Members)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
25 Classes
​​(Valid for 6 Months for Non-Members)
*Members have membership year to use any class package
Optional Membership Program$150Receives member price on all classes and camps for 1 full year,
1 package of art supplies valued at $59, 1 art bag, 1 free group class of choice (fine art, clay, arts & crafts, or calligraphy)
*Receive membership year to use any class package purchased

Art World School’s Digital Art Program Curriculum

SoftwareInterfacing with your software. Learning basic tools like Brushes, Layers, Opacity control, etc.Beginning to explore more techniques with your software like using Layer Masks, Blending Modes, and various Selection Options.Making/changing your brush settings, Using filters appropriately, altering Levels and Color Settings
DrawingLearning how to feel comfortable drawing on your digital device the same way you would on paper.Learning the fundamentals that overlap with physical drawing like anatomy, adding dimension and shading to your drawings, perspective, etc.Using reference to create new drawings, further development of fundamentals to create new drawings, etc.
PaintingLearning how to add basic colors to your canvas and begin painting as though using real paint.Learning how to mix and blend colors, use digital tools to your advantage when painting, and building the fundamentals of painting colors and values in your paintings.Learning how to create original compositions and color them appropriately using reference and previous skills to make unique drawings.
Illustration TechniquesN/ALearning about composition, how to study value and color, creating good perspective in your compositions, etc.Creating your own original Illustrations with unique compositions built using the fundamentals developed.

2022-2023 School Year Schedule

Class ScheduleThursdaySaturday
Students can come for any class times4:00pm-5:30pm1:30pm-3:00pm
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