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Portland / Beaverton/ Bethany Fine Art Program

Art World School Provide Quality Fine Art Programs in Portland

Each season, Art World School offers a variety of camps and fine art programs in Portland. From art-craft programs for kids to fine art programs for teens, we help students grow. A fun, encouraging environment allows youth to explore the performing arts.

Our fine art programs in Portland offers a high-quality education in a supportive environment. This is why they are essential components of arts which also helps you build a career as an artist. Above all, our faculty is a collection of educators, working artists. Similarly, they are involved in our student’s professional growth and skill development.

We Provide fine art programs in Portland from Beginner Level to Expert Level

Whether, you are a degree or non-degree student Art World School invites you to strengthen your relationship with art and connect to a vibrant creative community. Most art classes contain a mixture of general education. Some examples of our programs are arts-crafts, calligraphy classes, fine art programs. All these programs are from basic level to expert. As a result, you’ll find a vibrant community with people of all ages and cultures. Therefore, we believe our fine art program is the most favorable for fine art education. Furthermore, we allow you to test and grow by enrolling in our art show programs.

Get hands-on Learning by Participating in our Art Performance Events

Every year, we host art performances for students to display live drawings. This demonstrates the solid art foundation that kids gain. Students draw an image with some color in a specified time frame before an audience. These competitions help students to assess themselves. But you will be surprised to know that this is only the tip of the iceberg of what we offer. To know more, call us now at 503-590-5518 to discuss how we can benefit you.

Trial Fine Art classes and Program in Portland / Beaverton/ Bethany Offered for New Students Classes for all Ages

Our Fine Arts classes and program established in 1997 implements a traditional, classical art program that helps students develop a strong foundation with basic skill sets they can use effective in the future in many different applications beyond the classroom. All classes feature more one-on-one teaching and direction where students are taught new subject matter step by step so they know how to create a new piece of artwork. Then, they practice the methods and techniques through various mediums and drawing/painting subject matters. Students are also encouraged to add their own sense of design and creativity once they have grasped the basic concepts. Each art class is a learning and creative process which reviews previous knowledge and the learning of new material. The goal is to help students create the art they have always wanted to create and learn life long skills through the process.

Instructors will always personalize lesson plans for each student and teach exactly the student is looking to learn or suggest a lesson plan based on the student’s current level and interests. Instructors can also help students build a strong art portfolio with a good range of artworks to show a well rounded art skills and works. Mediums that instructs can teach students to work with and develop a deep understanding of the fundamentals of fine art classes in Portland / Beaverton/ Bethany including color theory, line and shapes, creating the illusion of three dimensionality, perspective drawing, figure drawing, animal drawing, landscape drawing, and different kinds of painting. Mediums that students can work with include sketching pencils, different kinds of pastels, color pencils, watercolors, water soluble oil pastels, watercolor pencils, acrylics, oil painting, art markers, pen, and more.

Our teachers are always there for our students within the classroom or outside as their mentors. They are always happy to help them build IB/AP art portfolios, answer questions, or give suggestions when needed. As a school, we believe that the key to the future is in having innovative ideas and a sense of creativity. Therefore, we encourage all students to build strong fundamentals skills in the arts and then take it further with their own unique twist, so they can truly become their own, one-of-a-kind, artist. ​

Enrollment Process & Plan:

  1. Assess the student’s level and interests
  2. Provide the student with a lesson plan with the suitable subject matter and mediums in the appropriate level
  3. Each lesson will provide the student with new material and review past material to reinforce the understanding of skills and techniques taught
  4. Teacher will keep student record lesson materials taught and student progress
  5. Every student will be given the opportunity to participate in Art World School’s Student Art Shows, any available art competitions, and Art World School performance events

Art World School’s Fine Art Classes and Program Curriculum

Beginner LevelBeginner/Intermediate LevelIntermediate/Advanced LevelAdvanced Level
Color TheoryLight, Color, Design, TexturesDrawing and Painting from Observation, Photography, or Own CompositionCreating One's Own Drawing and Painting Style with Original Composition
Line, Shapes, ProportionIntro to Sketching - Basic Shapes and Different Subject MatterSketching from ObservationSketching Own Composition - Figurative, Landscape, Architecture, Still Life, Floral, Creative
Elements of Composition,
​Positive & Negative Space
Perspective Drawing & Composition from Different ViewpointsDrawing and Painting of Compositions from Different Viewpoints from ObservationUsing Different Viewpoints in Own Composition and Original Artwork
Creating Sense of Light and Shadow with ColorsPractice Creating the Illusion of 3D with Different MediumsCreating the Illusion of 3D with Different Mediums from ObservationUsing 3D Concepts in Own Composition ad Artwork
Introduction to Different Subject MattersAnimals, Still Life, Floral, Self-Portrait, Architecture, Landscape, CreativeCombining Different Subject Matters with Different Drawing and Painting TechniquesCreating Own Composition and Subject Matter with One or a Combination of Different Techniques
Styles of the MastersUsing Styles of the Masters to Create Original ArtworkImitating Works of the MastersCreation of One's Own Style of Art
Different Types of Pastels, Markers, WatercolorSketching, Intermediate Watercolor, Color Pencils, Watercolor Pencils, Pen Drawing, Watercolor Markers, Acrylics, Mixed MediaIn Depth Study of Mediums and the Combining of Different MediumsCreation of One's Own Artwork with Choice of Medium or Combination of Different Mediums

Class Options & Description

45 Minute 0ne-on-one class In Person or Online60 Minute 2 Student Class90 Minute 3-8 Student Class90 Minute 9-15 Student Class
Every class includes a personalized lesson plan with a project of the student's choice based on their current level, our curriculum, and the student's interests.Each student works on their own project of choice or the instructor's recommended projects based on the student's level and our curriculum. The instructor gives each student step by step instruction and feedback.Each student picks their own project of choice from the instructor's recommended material based on the student's level and our curriculum. The instructor gives each student individual step by step instruction and feedback on completing their own projects.Every class is a different fine art project based on our curriculum with step by step instruction. The project is tiered in level to each student's own level and the instructor gives each student feedback during the class.

​ * Art Supplies Included in Every Class
Class ScheduleMonday - Friday between 10:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday between 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • •Students schedule classes on our scheduling site between those hours
  • •Students can use same class credits for online classes and in person classes
  • •Students can use the same class credits on one-on-one or group classes
Class PackageMember PriceNon-Member Price
4 Classes
(Valid for 1 Month)
10 Classes
(Valid for 10 Weeks)
12 Classes
​(Valid for 3 Months)
13 Classes
​​(Valid for 3 Months)
25 Classes
​​(Valid for 6 Months)
Optional Membership Program$125Receives 1 year of classes and camps at member pricing, 1 package of art supplies, and 1 additional free class
Membership Program
Discount Program
Receives member price on all classes and camps for 1 full year
Receives 1 package of art supplies valued at $50
Receives 1 free class of choice (fine art, clay, arts & crafts, or calligraphy)
*Receive 1 year to use any class package purchased
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