Find a fresh destination for Birthday Parties in Portland and Beaverton.

Find a fresh destination for Birthday Parties in Portland and Beaverton.


Birthdays are a special day for children as they can enjoy and party for the whole day without anyone stopping them. It is a day that they are meant to feel special and have fun to their heart’s content. In the present times, the activities that are part of the fun of the day have become entirely redundant. The regular thing of hosting a birthday at fast food place or restaurant has been beaten to death among other activities that offer only space and no engagement to children.

The new generation of children is smarter than us all as they have exposure to knowledge sources and learning devices from birth. This calls for appropriate change in every experience they have, including birthday celebrations. The birthday celebration should be made more interesting and interactive as compared to the traditional boredom of just sitting around and playing old house games. Modern screen lovers crave a slightly more expressive form of fun and frolic. To this end, the latest trend of having activity-themed birthday parties is gaining traction.

The common idea of activity-themed birthday parties is to offer a new experience that binds children to the experience by also teaching them something new and productive. The leading names in this growing trend are:

  • Art and craft
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Music

Creating ideal Birthday Parties in Portland, we have seen many methods of working, but the most common and loved has emerged to be Art themed birthday parties. The reason behind the victory of art theme parties can be shared as follows:

  1. Fine Arts have always captured the fascination of children with their extraordinary depth and significance across the world and in every culture. The children feel drawn to the activities that help them render beautiful images.
  2. The love of colours of all children also draws towards arts as here they can have a good time playing with friends and colors. They can also experiment with new styles and tools to create their own beautiful art pieces that are just pure creativity or their young minds.
  3. The excitement of creating something new also directs the children towards fine arts as they are able to express their thoughts and ideas more clearly in the form of their drawings.
  4. At an art theme birthday party, the children possess the ability and the means to work on a new art piece with friends and have a great time combining their ideas in the form of artwork and enjoy themselves.

To End,

We can agree that young children are in love with engaging activities and crave something new all the time. The growing concept of having an activity-themed birthday party can be a great way to make their special day more memorable for them. The leading art theme Birthday Parties in Beaverton and Portland have already found a destination at the best fine art school in the city, which is none other than Art World School. You can visit their website and location to find out everything about hosting your little one’s birthday there.

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