Things that Make Chinese Look Easier – Art World School, Portland

Things that Make Chinese Look Easier – Art World School, Portland


Do you want to learn Chinese but are afraid to begin the learning phase?


But wait! What?

You want to skip a life-changing thought about learning Chinese just because you think that learning Chinese is a challenging task?

Before you take a final call on your decision, you must read the following blog to discover whether learning Chinese is difficult or not.

Learning Chinese indeed seems to be on the upper levels of difficulty. You might have also dropped your plans of learning Chinese by just looking at the structure of characters used in the Chinese Language and that there are more than 50000 such characters in Chinese.

But those who have learned Chinese as a foreign language can educate you on how worthy it is to learn Chinese and that it is not that hard.

The following things support the fact that Learning Chinese can be easier –

Chinese grammar – only a bit different than English grammar

It might be hard for you to digest, but Chinese grammar is way more straightforward than most European languages.

Here’s how – Chinese grammar allows you to use individual words in any order, and concepts related to tenses and genders are kept trivial.

Chinese Characters Only Appear to be Complex

The complex-looking Chinese characters are written in ‘Hanzi,’ and over 50,000 characters in the Chinese Language.

If you decode the structure of the Chinese characters, you will discover that every character is composed of the same set of elements called radicals. Once you get familiar with the radicals, you won’t find the Chinese characters that strange.

You are familiar with all the sounds of the Chinese Language

The pronunciation in Chinese sounds very new to ears and thus feels like a high-level task to accomplish.

But an easy hack to this common problem of beginner learners has an easy way out. All you need to do is find letter pairings or English syllables that create the same sound.

Easy, right?

Chinese After School Program

Now you have a deep insight into the areas that are mostly considered to make Chinese a complex language to learn.

Learning Chinese is a long trip that can’t be walked alone and requires a massive amount of communication and understanding of various aspects of Chinese.

Overcome all these obstacles on your way of learning Chinese with the best Chinese classes at the Chinese After School Program in Portland run by the legendary Art World School

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