Top 5 Advantages of Taking Clay and Pottery Classes in Portland for Children!

Top 5 Advantages of Taking Clay and Pottery Classes in Portland for Children!


The cute turtle that your child has created in pottery class symbolizes more than one accomplishment. It can enrich your child in a way ranging from boosting their self-confidence to improving their motor skills. So, down below, we have discussed some key benefits of Clay classes in Portland and pottery classes in Portland.

The Soothing Quality of Clay

Clay can captivate a child’s interest for hours, and it has a calming effect. Even children considered hyperactive can become fascinated by the clay and focus on a single masterpiece. Above all, their imagination takes over, and they keep occupied with clay relaxing properties.

Improving Creativity

Indulging in the pottery classes gives children the ability to think beyond the conventional norms. Clay is easy to handle for the small hand, and it is a forgiving art form. Children can quickly correct their mistakes by rolling clay into the ball. So, children can start over again. Their fully focused face during art camp in Portland reveals their creativity is fully engaged.

Improve Motor Skills

At Art World School, we offer a Clay classes in Portland  and pottery classes in Portland that can improve motor skills. They will discover that their hands can be powerful tools. In addition, their fine motor skills gets better because working with the clay requires hand and eye co-ordinations.

Improve Sensory Development

If you walk into our Clay classes in Portland and pottery classes in Portland, your senses will not be overwhelmed, but they will get gentle stimulation which is perfect for sensory development. The sense of smell stimulates by clay, paint, and touch. Children can learn at their own pace in a classroom setting. Moreover, children create art based on their development stages. Similarly, the safe environment of a pottery class lets them grow without restrictions.

Improve Self-Esteem

After creating an artifact in the class, the beaming smile on the child’s face is impossible to ignore. However, their artifact may not be perfect, but the accomplishment is praise-worthy. Above all, Clay classes in Portland  and pottery classes in Portland can improve self-esteem. And, this is because, during class, children have control over their projects and can quickly see the result.

To Sum Up

Pottery classes can provide your children with multiple benefits. Most importantly, it is the type of experience that leaves a lasting impression on their life without sacrificing fun. As a result, if you are looking for Clay classes in Portland  and pottery class in Portland, you can look at our website. Moreover, we have a range of other art classes too.

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