Art World School Student Chosen as a State Finalist in the 2021 Doodle for Google Competition

Art World School Student Chosen as a State Finalist in the 2021 Doodle for Google Competition


The votes are in!

Americans across the country chose their favorite State and Territory Winners, and now we’re tallying the votes. Stay tuned, because we’ll announce the five National Finalists on May 24th, 2021.

Traditionally, doodling has been seeing as a distraction from the real work of learning. On the other hand, recent psychological research has found that doodling in class could benefit students’ attention, memory, and education. It helps the brain to process certain kinds of information. It is a powerful art form that allows kids and teens to think, focus, and relax.

Google doesn’t exclusively use the work of its doodlers — the team is constantly looking for new ideas from its users. Each year, elementary and middle school children in the United States are invited to submit their ideas for a Google doodle based on a specific topic.

Why Is Doodle Art Important for Kids?

There are so many benefits of doodle art that help kids and teens focus and concentrate on their work and keeps them engaged instead of zoning out, and at the same time, it can also help process emotions with big-picture thinking. It’s easy to start doodling even if you don’t know how to draw stick figures. In addition, you will still get all the benefits of doodling even if your doodles are ugly. So, start with basic statistics with the use of stencils along with YouTube videos, or go with a freestyle doodle art that can draw your emotions.

And the interesting 2021 doodle for Google competition that Google organized every year all around the world for kids and teens, and this time it’s went on the way to Beaverton and Portland kids. So, for the preparation of this competition, summer camp in Beaverton and summer camp in Portland includes classes for kids and teens to understand doodle art.  Summer camp in Beaverton helps to discover a variety of exciting ideas to draw doodle art. Art World School’s summer camp in Beaverton, summer camp in Portland, art classes in Portland, and art classes in Beaverton also help students develop a sense of creativity and their own style of art in addition to building a strong foundation with important basic skill sets in art.

After more knowledge and practice, Art World School students were selected as finalists in the doodle for Google competition. At the same time, art school Beaverton also educates students for doodle art. We organized camps at different locations in Beaverton and Portland and name them art camps in Beaverton and Portland.

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