The Growing Popularity of After School Programs In Portland

The Growing Popularity of After School Programs In Portland


The growth in children is guaranteed with proper education and upbringing. The mind of a child is an unpolluted utopia for creativity and wonder. The natural creative temperament in children must be guarded and nurtured to make them better human beings of tomorrow. To enhance such creativity, the young mind must be open to exciting activities on a regular basis.

In Portland and the surrounding area, child development is known to be the best as the city offers a suitable environment for child development with specialized After school programs in Portland that focus on some critical factors of child development:

  • Healthy Environment
  • Proper inclusion
  • Exposure to new activities
  • Ensuring academic and extra-curricular balance
  • Help develop a good mindset for the children

Among these benefits for child growth, the latent benefit of exposure to a variety of extra-curricular disciplines also adds to the child’s knowledge and creates an opportunity for a future career line. Among such programs, Arts School in Portland is gaining popularity among children and parents.

The fine arts are a beautiful and exciting field for young children to explore and grow into as it does not teach a skill but also develops a strong mindset for the children and has a large number of advantages, some of which can be listed as:

  1. Arts help improve academic performance: fine arts need the children to the basics of all the disciplines first in order to create a strong foundation for them. Learning these skills enhances the mental concentration and understanding ability that is very beneficial in the case of enhancing performance in academics.
  2. Arts enhance the essential reading and speaking skills: Arts requires children to pay close attention to various techniques of painting, drawing, sketching, etc. This allows for the development of strong cognitive receptors at a young age hence allowing for better coordination and development of better speaking and reading skill as compared to a person not exposed to fine arts.
  3. Arts allow for the development of strong critical thinking ability: Critical thought is a calculative and logic-based approach to any issue faced by an individual, fine arts also require every artist to develop their own method of creating their artworks; hence it needs them to make their own decisions on the steps and stages they are required to complete in order complete their work; hence exposure to art at a young age allow for better and stronger thought process and quick reasoning ability.
  4. Arts allow for a better understanding of world cultures: Fine arts have been influenced dramatically by many cultures in the world, and it involves the understanding of the cultural sources of various styles hence enhancing their child’s understanding of all the cultures in the world and helping them become a better world citizen.


To end, we can understand that after-school programs are a new and promising method enhancing child’s ability and enhance their abilities. If you wish to find the best After school programs in Portland for your child, then Art World School is the best place for your child to begin his journey of exploring the various disciplines.

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