Preparing For Tomorrow Today With A Good Chinese School In Portland

Preparing For Tomorrow Today With A Good Chinese School In Portland


Chinese is the common name used to refer to Mandarin; the language has had a long life of 6000 years and is still the broadest spoken language as every one in five of the world citizen is of Chinese origin. This also brings to light the growth of the language throughout its lifetime.

During the dynasty era in China, the nature of Mandarin used for communication did not change, but there is a significant difference in the writing style that continues to change from time to time throughout history, and today the modern or contemporary method of writing Chinese is considered to be the easiest method of writing Mandarin in history.

To not dwell too much on the past, we see that in the modern world, Mandarin is spoken in other East-Asian countries as well and not just in China. It is one of the recognized languages of the UN. These all developments point towards the benefits of learning Chinese with a good Chinese School in Portland but learning the language is quite troublesome on your own, and the common problems westerners face with Chinese can be stated as:

  • It can’t be learned by observation: Chinese has no connection with English at any point of time in history. Hence, it requires a prior understanding of letters and their meaning. Mandarin cannot be learned like some of the common European languages like Spanish, Portuguese, etc., as they have always been in the vicinity of English-speaking regions and can be understood without prior knowledge.
  • Requires you to understand a number of different languages: All over china, Mandarin is spoken as the common language in some parts only other parts of the country have their own local tongues that are used in day-to-day communication. To travel in the country, some understanding of the local language is also needed.
  • Accent needs to be clear to communicate with a native speaker: The native Chinese speaker is not accustomed to western travelers speaking Chinese; this calls for the speaker to learn the local dialect and right accent for proper communication to take place.
  • Writing by hand is difficult: Chinese writing requires the student to learn all the alphabet shapes and the ability to write them in modern or original form. This needs the learner to practice their writing skill in order to write correctly.
  • English translation is incomplete for some words: The Chinese to English translation of some words of Chinese is not possible. This is also because of the enormous diversity of the language and the vast difference in local communication language.


To end, we can agree that learning Chinese can be a lifetime skill, but it can be not easy. To overcome these problems, learning Mandarin should begin at a young age and in a manner that lays a strong foundation for learning the regional languages and dialects. To introduce your child to Mandarin, you should do it at the earliest to ensure their proper learning. To do so, you can reach out to the best Chinese Classes in Portland with Art World School that offers carefully planned Chinese language courses for students of all ages.

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