Summer Camp Programs in Forest Heights for Kids

Summer Camp Programs in Forest Heights for Kids


Summer is often a time for children to relax, but why not keep their minds productive while also allowing them to express their creativity and have fun? Here in the Art World School, we offer summer camps in various subjects, including fine arts, art-craft, clay modeling, and so much more. As a result, your children will learn new skills and have fun no matter what interests them (or keeps them occupied). However, if you’re interested in attending one of these summer camp programs in Forest Heights, act fast because some camps have limited space, and seats fill out quickly.

This season, find a summer camp for your kids anywhere from Forest Heights to Portland. They’ll all adore them!

These summer camps are a great way to find the program you’re looking for while staying close to home! This is a place you will adore if you live in Forest Heights, Portland, Beaverton, or the surrounding areas. So, parents, do not have to hunt for camps! Instead, take a look at our list and enroll your kids right away! Everything is available in Forest Height, from calligraphy workshops to yoga, clay, arts and crafts, to painting.

Calligraphy Classes and Summer Camp Programs in Forest Heights

After conducting extensive research, we discovered that no one in the Forest Heights area gave monthly calligraphy workshops, so we decided it was ideal to start a new trend. We’re glad to see that the calligraphy bug has spread since then! We provide intermediate levels of calligraphy, which include working with diverse surfaces and textures, and watercolor letters. There are also painting and illustration classes available.

Your Kids Will Become Masters!

We love to see your kids become their masters and what they enjoy the most. So, are you a parent looking for summer camp programs in Forest Heights to add natural growth to your child’s personality? Would you like to join our summer camp in Forest Heights at Art World School? If yes, gives us a call and let this make happen for each other. Gives us a call on 503-590-5518!

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