Five Benefits of Fine Art Classes in Portland in Childhood

Five Benefits of Fine Art Classes in Portland in Childhood


In childhood, art is an activity with which children can learn to express their emotions and give flight to their creativity, in addition to helping them develop their talents and abilities.

But added to all that, art can contribute a lot to your development in various ways. We share some of the benefits of Fine Art Classes in Portland for children and some resources to bring them closer to it.

Helps To Get to Know Your Emotions Better

As we said at the beginning, art helps children express what they feel. Through artistic expression, children have one more tool to shape their emotions when they do not know how to do it with words, which helps a lot in their emotional education and relationships.

Fuel Their Creativity and Improve Their Self-Esteem

One of the funniest things about childhood art is the freedom it gives children. Children can unleash their creativity through various arts such as music, painting, sculpture, or dance.

Let us remember that every child has an artist inside, so we will not want to impose ourselves, but give him the tools to explore and use that imagination typical of childhood, which will also help reinforce his self-esteem.

Improves Long-Term Memory and Retention Capacity

According to a 2014 study, involving children in artistic activities would help improve their long-term memory since, with these supports, children are better able to retain the information learned in their brain.

In this case, the astronomy and ecology lessons could be better remembered by the students later, thanks to the integration of artistic activities in their Fine Art Classes in Portland, such as creating posters and theatrical performances related to the topics seen.

Help In Language Acquisition

Several studies have analyzed the impact of music during the first years of children’s lives, both from listening to it and experimenting with toy instruments, and taking Fine Art Classes in Portland. Many of them have found that it is beneficial for language development.

One of these studies, for example, found that those who received music education can process speech more quickly. In contrast, another study found that learning to play the piano helps to acquire language more easily.

Improves Their Performance and School Socialization

A study in 2019 found that children and tweens who participated more frequently in artistic activities such as dance, theater, or visual arts (painting, drawing, and photography, among others) were more compassionate towards others, had fewer discipline problems, and obtained better results in writing and writing tests.

Final Words

Remember that the most important thing is to listen to your child in these cases and take him into account without imposing or forcing him to do any of these activities during Fine Art Classes in Portland. The idea is to cultivate creativity through the arts. Still, if we force them to do something they don’t like, they will become frustrated or even hating it.

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