National Specialty Award Winner in 2023 State Fish Contest

National Specialty Award Winner in 2023 State Fish Contest


On 5/10/23 the national winners in the State Fish Art Contest were announced and Art World School student Samyuktha Injeti was named as the winner of one of the 5 national special awards – the “Smile Award.” Samyuktha was previously announced as the 1st place winner of the K-3Rd grade division in the state competition, and is now one of the 5 national specialty award winners.

Samyuktha has been attending the Fine Art Program to develop and practice her drawing and painting skills for a few years. She chose watercolor andd watercolor pencils as the medium to use for her contest entry and designed the compositon with the guidance of Art World School director/teacher Mimi Yan after completing research on her chosen fish, the Angelfish. Teacher Mimi encourages all student participants in any art contest to do adequate research on the subject matter or topic of their artwork before starting to understand and develop inspiration for their artwork. Then, students work on drawing and coloring their artwork through group or one-on-one classes at Art World School under the meticulous guidance of Mimi Yan or other teacher. Teacher Mimi always reviews every student entry before submission to give students feedback and suggestions on refinining their work to encourage them to do the best they can.

Samyuktha and all Art World School students learn and exercise their art skills through every class and show improvement with every class. Through their own creative projects, entries to different art contest, or participation in art shows and events, students can gain a deeper understanding of different techniques and creating different effects through finishing their artwork. Students in Art World School’s Fine Art Program, After School Program, and camps are all able to learn different techniques as well as work with different mediums through every class. Art World School will continue to give students the most professional instruction, patient guidance, and nurture the appreciation of art. Art World School teachers will always help students become the best artist they can be and create the artwork they have always wanted to.

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