Mistakes Parents Should Avoid When Choosing a Summer Camp in Portland

Mistakes Parents Should Avoid When Choosing a Summer Camp in Portland


Summer is a conundrum for parents. You wish your child to be able to go outside and play throughout their vacation. Although on either hand, understand how critical it would be for your kid to be prepared to begin the new school year strong. Summer learning deficit is a recognized phenomenon, even if youngsters do need some break to recuperate and rejuvenate. Summer Camps in Portland have been offering great fun solutions for the same.

Your children are not only able to maintain their school schedule, but they are also constantly challenged to learn new skills and use their problem-solving abilities in the real world. Best of all, children are unaware of how much they are learning and growing when they participate in summer enrichment programs that covers diverse fields and recreational activities such as 3D printing, Minecraft, martial arts, robotics, and even knitting.

Here are a few four most common mistakes we’ve discovered parents make when selecting a Summer Camp in Portland for their children:

  • Not encouraging the Kid to Step Out of their Comfort Zone: Children, notably the youngest of the lot, have a reputation for being resistant to change. They want to listen to the same bedtime story and eat the same dinner foods. When children are challenged, though, they grow. Children in the top Summer Camps in Portland are exposed to new experiences and knowledge possibilities.
  • Not Taking their Independent Interest into Account: Learning requires engagement, but what is the greatest strategy to sustain involvement? To pick a decent balance here between summer camp that would challenge your child while also encouraging them to participate in lessons, chat to them about their summer plans and use that information to narrow down a few reputable summer programs.
    Is he a big fan of being outside? If that’s the case, try summer camps that provide sports or nature programming. Is she an aspiring engineer who is constantly coming up with fresh concepts? Propose a Summer Camp in Portland where youngsters may learn to code or play with 3D craft models. The more closely a summer camp matches your child’s interests, the more likely they will go.
  • Not Ensuring the Quality of Staff running the Camp: It’s critical to look into the personnel credentials at any Summer Camp in Portland you’re thinking about attending.Is there any professional staff at the camp? Or do they simply hire local teenagers to fill the positions?While teen staff members can bring a youthful vitality to the activities they run and serve as role models for younger children, the programs themselves should be devised by education or child psychology professionals.
  • Not Taking Your Needs as a Parent into Account: Of course, you want your child to attend a summer camp that they will like, but often parents overlook their own needs.

Considering your personal work schedule and family responsibilities while browsing at summer day camp possibilities. When a Summer Camp in Portland is farther away, finishes early in the day when you won’t be available to pick up your child, or has extra duties which will be making your summer hectic, it may not be the ideal choice. Summer is a time for relaxation, and if getting your child to camp worries you out, your child will pick up on your dissatisfaction and have a less enjoyable experience.

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