Learning Mandarin With The Best Chinese School In Portland

Learning Mandarin With The Best Chinese School In Portland


With the advent of modern times, we see the decaying of old notions and international borders and the development of world culture; this calls for human growth and encourages cross-culture interaction. This can, in turn, lead to the development and growth of world culture. For enhancing such development, we can agree that every person should do their part and help bring such a beautiful world to reality.

To prepare our children for a better world is always a good choice and childhood is a reasonable period to learn about other cultures to enhance general and world knowledge. The basis of learning about any culture goes through its tongue, i.e., the common language of communication.

Among the world language, the most famous language has come out to be Mandarin. The reason for this is the uncountable number of benefits of learning Chinese with the best Chinese School in Portland, the leading ones of which can be listed as:

  • One of the most extensively spoken languages: Chinese or Mandarin, is the most commonly spoken language in the world as China has the largest population in the world, with 14% of the world population living in the country. This makes it more interesting to learn a language that is spoken by a large number of world citizens and also bridges the communication gap among people.
  • Makes travel to Eastern Asia more adventurous: In eastern Asia, a number of countries other than china also use Mandarin as a common language of conversation; countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia are just a few among the many with Mandarin as a common language.
  • Adds significantly to career growth: Technology production is highest in China due to natural resource availability and low production costs. Most technology companies prefer to hire and also quickly promote individuals that know Mandarin due to their bi-lingual skills.
  • Teaches a lot about an ancient civilization: Learning Mandarin involves learning about the Chinese traditions and culture and getting to know the rich heritage of the region. Mandarin is a very diverse language and has a number of different dialects. Learning all of them is next to impossible and requires constant practice and time.
  • It opens you to new cuisine options: Chinese cuisine is known to be the most diverse among the world cuisines at the cooking mannerism and dishes vary greatly on the basis of the indigenous ingredients and the various kinds of sauces developed to add various flavors to the food. This makes the cuisine and dishes worth trying at any time.


We can all agree that learning Mandarin can open many doors in the future and also add to the development of a better world perspective in children and learners of the language around the world. To open your child to a brand new and rich culture, you need the best Chinese Classes in Portland; for that, you don’t need to look beyond Art World School. We offer Chinese classes for students of all ages with in-depth teaching methods and highly experienced language instructors that augment in developing an inherent interest for the language in the students.

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