Beating The Heat With The Coolest Summer Camp

Beating The Heat With The Coolest Summer Camp


Summer is the time of lemonade and ice cream that bring the cool to beat the harsh weather; the weather also forces the children to stay inside in the front of a screen all the time, that dulls the senses to avoid these summer camps are an exciting choice that allows children to develop new skills and abilities along with their overall personality traits.

Most of the summer camps in earlier times only included outdoor activities and camping activities that involved the children venturing into natural and dense-flora areas. This activity was very educational as it taught children many important life skills needed to camp in the wilderness. With time the excitement of camping was lost as it became a common occurrence in the social life of people. They bring back the excitement to summer camps with various new academic and extra-curricular teaching brought to light and are an instant hit with children and parents.

Today summer camps are an excellent way to utilize the summer holidays for children; finding the right summer camp due to high availability and a large number of disciplines they are offered makes it confusing for the child and parents but understand and close in on one some factors that can be evaluated are:

  • Theme: The overall theme of learning for a summer camp is the essential thing to be looked into, as it would influence the child’s overall experience. The camps can be classified in two categories on the basis of theme that are
    • Academic camps: Camps like Math camp, Science camp, Social science camp, Business learning camp and many more that are focused on improving the knowledge of the child and improve their grades.
    • Extra-curricular camps: Camps like art camps, sports camps, technology camps, among others that augment the creation of unique skills in children.
  • Nature of camp: Some summer camps have a unique location where the children stay and learn new things for the duration of the camp that is known as Sleep-Away or Camp-Away form of summer camp the other in which children come back home every evening after attending the courses at is known as Day-camps. It must be checked before applying for the camp and discussed with the child to know their view on it and make a decision on that basis.
  • The interest of the child: To narrow the search for camps can be done by discussing the interest of the child and finding the ideal camp that is aligned with their interests. If the camp of interest is, pursued it allows children to develop further in the field and also opens a number of career options for their future.
  • Cost: The expenditure of any camp is an essential consideration for the parents. They also evaluate the advantages of the camp in order to determine its value. The duration and the requirement for the camp also influence the cost as not all the children might be owning the tools for the camp. Usually, outdoor camps are costlier than day camps as they need to gather and carry all the necessary supplies for the duration of the camps.


In the end, we can summarize by saying that selection of a good summer camp needs a little research in the available camps and the interests of the child to learn their liking. For readers interested in the best Summer Camp Portland and Beaverton, visit the Art World School website for our specially designed summer camps plan for kids of all ages.

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