Know How to Learn Calligraphy in 5 Easy Steps

Know How to Learn Calligraphy in 5 Easy Steps


Notepads and planners are gaining more attraction these days with the spike in shifting focus towards therapeutic activities. Pen and paper is the best set of tools to divert your stress to a deep well.

Calligraphy is one such art activity that is associated with pen and paper. It is acclaimed to be the best way to develop a healthy mind and body. If your kids want to learn calligraphy, you must surely be interested in the benefits of learning the same.

The art of designing letters with ink – calligraphy is an outstanding activity of the art curriculum and has more benefits than you can think of.

One sure benefit of learning calligraphy is that it develops good handwriting skills in kids and finds them a place to concentrate and relax their minds. Some more benefits of learning calligraphy as kids are –

  • improves concentration
  • develops good handwriting skills
  • it makes them more artistic and creative
  • formulates their interest to learn more styles in future
  • makes them stand out in their peer group
  • gets them appreciation as well as attention

Five steps to learn the visual art of calligraphy with the best calligraphy classes in Portland – Art World School

Identify the Type

To begin with the interest in calligraphy, the first step to be followed is to identify the type of calligraphy your kid wants to learn.

  • Brush pen calligraphy
  • Pointed pen calligraphy
  • Broad edge calligraphy

Although there are predefined categories of calligraphy, kids can undoubtedly build up their style of designing the words.

The art of calligraphy can engulf endless creativity and thus provides a vast space for your kid’s mind to roam around.

Writing Tools Needed

Calligraphy is more than just writing. Better writing tools play a vital part in bringing out the essence of calligraphy.

Depending on the kind of calligraphy, specialized writing tools are required to learn and enjoy the pleasant skill.

Art World School has specifically designed classrooms to honor calligraphy classes’ needs in Portland, enriching your kid’s childhood with so many fun learning activities.

Organized Curriculum

The art of doing calligraphy requires an extreme level of concentration. Therefore, a curriculum designed in an environment lined up with the essentials of calligraphy is a must.

Ordering every element in mannered structure to create the most fantastic art classes in Portland, Art World School has developed the most innovative curriculum to teach calligraphy.

Projects to Practice

To instill better calligraphy skills, kids need to focus more on practice. No matter what type of calligraphy your kids want to learn, practicing every day is the key to learn calligraphy.

Practice is segmented in different levels at the calligraphy classes of Art World School. Kids are given a set of projects at every level of the fantastic art classes to polish their calligraphy skills.

If you’re looking for the best calligraphy classes near you in Portland, then the Art World School has got all your needs covered with its innovative Calligraphy classes.

Shaping a carefully designed future for your child, Art World School offers the best Calligraphy classes in Portland.

Finding the best calligraphy classes in Portland is easy. Ask anyone in Portland – “which is the best calligraphy class near me?” and you’ll get the answer – Art World School’s calligraphy classes.

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