Capturing the essence of a great Summer Camp

Capturing the essence of a great Summer Camp


The summers are a time of enjoying outside with friends by riding bicycles, skates, etc. In recent years due to the advent of technology, children have lost interest in playing outside; instead, they want to play games on their computers, consoles, etc. This behavior has a negative impact on their overall personality as it makes them lazy and uninterested in new things outside.

The best remedy that was found to re-engage children in the outside world is a Summer Camp. The general camps have been the best means of exploring nature and wilderness since the old times. The experience teaches the children a lot about nature, animals and the weather.

Modern summer camps have added to the already existing excitement by adding the benefits of teaching about various extra-curricular activities such as arts, music, sports, martial arts, etc. The overall development of character is assured with a good summer. The impact on the overall development is categorized into three headers such as:

  • Social Skills
    • It develops vital communication skills due to increased chances of interaction with others.
    • It allows for the development of leadership qualities with group and task sharing activities.
    • It enhances participation and energy due to the development of healthy habits and interest in going outside.
  • Personal development skills
    • It allows for the development of a strong sense of responsibility within children due to duties they are assigned during the camp.
    • It helps children develop in different ways as they learn new skills at the camp in regards to camping in the jungle.
    • Develops a strong mindset that is helpful during their growth years to allow for logical and intelligent decision making.
  • Community skills
    • It makes them affectionate towards younger children, animals and nature.
    • It teaches good habits like truthful and fair dealing with others.
    • It makes them understand the duties that allow them to be the ideal citizen for the country and city.
    • It also teaches good behavior that promotes the development of strong character.

Summer camps are an excellent avenue for children and parents to explore for their betterment as all the skills that children are not limited to the theme of the camp, rather it has an impact on the children’s overall outlook. To add to this, some of the top benefits that all summer camps have in common are:

  1. Help to develop life-long friendships among children at the camp that do not fade with time.
  2. Reduces the screen-time of children and allows them to real-world as compared to the reel world.
  3. Creates a healthy daily routine that involves exercise and sport to cheer up the children.
  4. Allows for the development of creative and unique temperament in children with the development of extra-curricular skills. 


To end, we can summarize by saying that a summer camp can be a life-defining experience for children that helps them grow up to the best versions of themselves. The options of summer camps are limitless and continue to grow; for children looking for a unique Summer Camp in Portland, then you should with best summer camp in the city with Art World School.

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