Imitating & Creating New Art


Our fine art students taking classes in our Fall Day Camp program, in person or online small group or one-on-one classes have been working hard to learn more artistic skills through imitating works of masters as well as creating their original works of art. In our Fall Day Camp Program, located in our Portland location, have been experiencing more types of art such as paint pouring an gauche on rice paper. Fine art students have been working on their individual art projects which include imitating Van Goghs to painting their own pets with acrylic and watercolor. They have also been portraying still life scenes with mediums such as oil pastels, soft pastels, watercolor, and sketching. In our Fall Day Camp Program, students also experience different types of 3D art with pop-up card making and clay. Students have the option of taking one class or a series of classes in our Fall Day Camp Program, which is our After School Program for this school year. New Students are welcome to come take a trial classes of their choice to experience what Art World School has to offer!


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