Art World School in NW Portland/Beaverton

Art World School in NW Portland/Beaverton


Beaverton’s Art World School is expanding. Although we provide a traditional and classic art program, we are evolving. We are now offering a variety of teaching methods including online and remote learning. No matter what adjustments are made over the upcoming years our program will always contain the same belief system. We as educators will never stop providing encouragement and will continue to teach the development of basic skill sets that students can take with them out into the world.

What makes Art World School at Beaverton different?

The teachers and faculty here at the Art World School of Beaverton continually put our students first. Our educators commit to far more than just work within the classroom. For example, they act as mentors outside of class, are always happy to help build IB/AP art portfolios, answer questions, or give suggestions when needed. In addition to the advanced and remarkably talented faculty we work with, it is also the students here at Art World School of Beaverton that make a splash. For example, we encourage our students to participate in any of the events that take place. For example, art shows, art competitions, art demonstrations, etc. Several of our alumni have gone on to be designers, artists, teachers, web designers, and even animators for Pixar, while others perused careers utilizing their artistic skills. Those who went into other career fields were able to utilize the skills they acquired here. In addition, students who have studied here have also gone on to win numerous state, national, and internal level art competitions. It is through these competitions’ students gained true experience which taught them how to use art in other ways including advocacy and helping the community.

As a school, we hold strong values and beliefs that innovation and creativity will determine the future. This is why we believe students must possess strong fundamental skills in the arts and then take their talents further using their own unique twist. Therefore, our students can develop and grow into their own, one-of-a-kind, ARTIST.

All of our classes feature a one-on-one teaching direction. This method allows the student to learn new subject matter step by step in order to possess the knowledge to create a wonderful piece of new artwork later and on their own. Next, we practice the newly taught methods and techniques through a variety of avenues. Once students have grasped the basic idea and concept, they are encouraged to add their own sense of design and imagination. Every class here at the Art World School of Beaverton includes a review of previous knowledge and the learning of new concepts.

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