Five Great Benefits of Chinese Classes in Portland for Children

Five Great Benefits of Chinese Classes in Portland for Children


Mandarin or Chinese is the most widely spoken native language in the world! Around 960 million people use Chinese as their first language. It has increased in importance for international business and foreign relations today. China is now the world’s fastest-growing economy, and adults increasingly find that the ability to speak Mandarin would be a valuable skill to have.

Many people might argue that Chinese is a complicated and possibly stressful language for adults. If you’re still thinking about whether your kids should learn or not, don’t think so much about it. Studies say it’s even better for children to learn another language and as with adults. Learning Chinese as a language is beneficial for adults studying for business, looking for international job prospects, and even just for exploring the rich culture.

Learning another language, especially Chinese, has specific benefits such as better decision-making and helping boost creativity. Let’s find out! Here are reasons why children should learn Mandarin:

  • Creative Thinking:

Learning Chinese for kids is a great way to stimulate cognitive growth and activate the development of both cerebral hemispheres. As a result, young learners can gain logical and creative thinking proficiency. So, it could be the most significant benefit of sending kids to the best Chinese classes.

  • Improved Problem-Solving Skills Abilities:

The Chinese language has different grammatical rules and communication styles. Children who study Chinese learn to make a difference between sound and meaning particles of various characters, which stimulates the development of problem-solving.

  • Connect With Family:

Many children learn Mandarin because their family members speak Mandarin as the primary language. However, learning Chinese can make it easier to communicate with loved ones.

  • Help to Learning Other Skills:

Chinese is different from other languages children may learn in school – like Spanish, French, and German. Chinese is a tonal language, and its writing system uses characters rather than the Latin alphabet. Learning a tonal language helps young kids recognize differences in pitch and sound that improve music skills and learning to write and recognize. So, Chinese characters can help with fine motor skills and artistic abilities. It may even help improve math skills!

  • It’s Fun:

This is the essential reason of all! Children will enjoy learning a new language and will feel proud of developing a new skill!

On the Final Notes:

As you can see above, the Chinese language is quite significant. It will open up your child to lots of job opportunities. Learning Chinese improves technical capability and significant human resources in children. It can help children face the brave new world with unwavering courage and confidence to achieve their goals.

Enrolling kids in a Chinese language program is a good investment, and it will benefit them enormously. As the best Chinese School in Portland with brand-new and well-planned Chinese language, Art World School offers excellent Chinese Classes in Portland in a safe and positive atmosphere that enhances students’ knowledge and understanding of Chinese education and culture. Our Chinese classes for students of all ages teaching methods and highly experienced language teachers help develop an interest in the students’ language. Our Chinese programs and activities are tailored to your kid’s educational needs. Want to know more about our Chinese classes? Visit our website!!

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