Arty Birthday Parties for Kids – The Brand New Way to Celebrate Kids’ Birthdays

Arty Birthday Parties for Kids – The Brand New Way to Celebrate Kids’ Birthdays


There are tons of ways to celebrate kids’ birthdays, but none of them is as exciting as choosing to celebrate with art and colors. The trend is changing, and Art Parties now taking over the regular birthday parties. Read the blog to learn about the brand new way of celebrating kids’ birthday parties in Portland.

Celebrate Kids’ Birthdays Differently

Kids and colors is a crazy combo. Colors in the hands of kids are more like swords that cut down the obstacles in their path of getting closer to experiencing their imagination in reality.

Celebrating Kids Birthday Parties in Portland has undergone a drastic shift, and now parents are choosing to organize arty parties for their kids’ birthdays.

Art World School has highlighted the concept of Art Parties in Portland and has been organizing crazy, fun-packed Kids’ Birthday Parties for a long time now. The idea behind the concept is to connect kids with the fun of art and let them explore the new dimensions of the world with colors.

What happens at Art Parties?

Like every party, art parties are fully decorated and have a good gathering of kids and their parents. During the party, kids are supplied with art and craft materials so that they can draw, color, paint and do exciting stuff with the colors.

Colors are the superpower of kids that they use to break the boring strings of conceptual learning. Art brings a taste of fun and excitement to kids’ lives.

The drawing sheets offer enough space for the kids to create their own world and paint it with their choice of colors.

How Art World School Organizes Art Parties?

The flag bearer of inducing Art in Kids Birthday Parties in Beaverton, Art World School has a unique approach to organizing super fun birthday parties. The school offers a dedicated space for the party and lets you invite your kids’ friends and other guests.

With beautiful decoration all over the dedicated space, the ambiance looks brilliant and lets the attendees enjoy every bit of the party. A large happy birthday banner with balloons all over describes just a part of the party’s decoration.

The real enjoyment comes for the kids in the form of colors and other art and craft materials. A good amount of art supplies to the kids gives them the freedom to dip their hands as deep as they want in the colors and color the whole world around them.

Two professional teachers supervise the party, and all the charges of art supplies are included in the party costs.

Infusing Art into Birthday Parties

Fun and enjoyment are the two key deliverables of the Kids Birthday Parties in Portland and Beaverton, organized by Art World School.

We take pride in educating kids and their parents about the value of art and are migrating the interests of kids more towards art education. Along with our various art programs, we have started organizing unique art parties to celebrate kids’ birthdays.

Art World School offers multiple party plans that you can choose from according to your interests. Contact us for more details about Kids Birthday Parties in Portland and Beaverton, or click here to see the plans.

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