Double the Fun of your Kids Birthday Parties with these Ideas

Double the Fun of your Kids Birthday Parties with these Ideas


There are a variety of ways to throw a fun party that both kids and adults will love. To name a few, there are dance parties, scavenger hunt parties, and sports-themed gatherings. But if you really want to use your imagination, think about organizing an art-themed celebration.

Read this blog to learn about the latest and most trending art-themed ideas for kids’ birthday parties in Portland.

Why Art-Themed Birthday Parties?

You may give your child the opportunity to share their creative side with their friends by planning art-themed kids birthday parties in Portland. Children benefit from an art party’s vivid backdrop and calming atmosphere.

Kids birthday parties with an artistic theme expose young children to pastimes like painting and drawing. Additionally, this theme is perfect for imaginative kids who want to color, paint, and sketch in their spare time. A birthday party with an art theme combines activities that imaginative kids already like.

Art-Themed Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties in Portland

There’s no need to worry if you’re not very artistic yourself. Planning an art-themed kids birthday is easier than you would imagine. A little imagination and a few suggestions for an artistic birthday party are all that are needed.

Blindfolded Artists

Partygoers are matched up into teams, with one member of each team blindfolded. Place the artist wearing the blindfold in front of a table or easel that is stocked up with your favorite art equipment (pencils, crayons, markers, paint). Set a timer for five minutes.

Show an item or image to the team members who are not wearing blindfolds. To the blinded player, that individual must describe the object (without naming what it is). Blinded player must make an effort to develop it using descriptions as inspiration. When the specified time has gone and you’re ready to see the works, take the blindfolds off. For the second round, a fresh item is used, and the participants switch positions.

Pass the Picture

Ensure that everyone in your group is sitting in a circle around a table. Give each youngster a sheet of paper and some colored pencils. Each participant should draw a shape on the paper, along with their name. As they pass the papers to the right, everyone tries to construct something based on that shape. Till they are given back to their original owners, pass the papers on and keep accumulating. So that you can see the outcome, hold them up.

Art Auction

Give the children some play money (all the same amount). Sell various arts and crafts items. Similar to how paintings would be auctioned at an art auction, put them up for auction. Even blind auctions, where children cannot see what they are bidding on, may be created by covering the items. If you decide to use this tactic, including a few humorous gifts is usually fun.

Art-Themed Kids Birthday Parties in Portland – Art World School

Art World School organizes amazing kids birthday parties in Portland. We keep the party themes focused on art because we are a well-known name for art education in the region.

All of your guests, even the young children, would be given the necessary supplies (paint, paper, etc.), and a party planner would oversee all of the activities. We will also offer a complimentary birthday banner, balloons, and other decorations to welcome guests to the location and get the celebration started.

For more information, get in touch with us right away. We’ll make the birthday celebration for your kids one they’ll never forget!

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