Throw a Magical Art Theme Birthday Party for your Kids

Throw a Magical Art Theme Birthday Party for your Kids


Make the coming birthday of your kid more special with Arty Kids Birthday Parties in Portland from Art World School.

Art Style Birthday Party for Kids

Every year you try to find a unique party idea to celebrate your kid’s birthday but end up organizing the same old family get-together or a picnic at a nearby location. The reason is there’s a lot to organize and plan while hosting a birthday party for your kid.

To save you from the hassle this year, here is the best party idea for your kid’s birthday – an “Art-Themed Birthday Party.”

Arty Kids Birthday Parties in Portland have become the new trend for celebrating the special day of little ones and a unique way to build a solid connection between you and your kids through art. These parties are full of fun and add a whole new experience to your kids’ life with activities that take the whole party to another level.

Why ‘ART ’ Birthday Parties

Kids have a special relationship with colors; it is always fun to watch the young ones dipping their hands in paint. They create the most exemplary portraits and express their feelings in the best possible way through art.

Moreover, art is a great tool for kids’ overall development and helps them learn and acquire skills that will support a better future for them. There are a lot of ways you can turn an arty party into an exciting birthday party for your kids.

You can organize an art competition during the party, and all the kids and their friends have to participate. For, e.g. –

● Ask kids to draw a portrait of their favorite person.
● Kids can draw their favorite cartoons.

You can also ask kids to use different styles of art like –

● Wax color painting
● Finger painting
● Color mixing and drawing

It’ll be the only time you, as a parent, will not get angry about the mess your kids will create during the party. Isn’t it?

How to Organize an Arty Birthday Party for Kids?

Until now, you must have decided to follow the trend and organize a fun-packed Art Birthday Party for your kid’s upcoming birthday. If it’s true, there is not much that you have to do.

Art World School organizes the best Kids’ Birthday Parties in Portland and offers a hassle-free experience to parents in planning the whole party. From the decoration of the venue to providing art supplies to the kids during the party, we do everything that ensures break-free fun for the kids.

You have to simply call us and ask for the details about the various plans we offer for organizing kids’ birthday parties in Portland. You can choose from our 4 different plans depending on how many guests you plan to invite. The details are also available on our website.

Once you make the decision, just inform us about the date and go with your chosen plan to celebrate your kid’s birthday in the best possible manner.

That’s all you need to do to seal your kid’s birthday with ultimate fun. This time your kids’ birthday celebrations are going to be a lot of fun.

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