Bringing Kids Closer to the Nature with Summer Camps

Bringing Kids Closer to the Nature with Summer Camps


There is a beautiful world outside the screen. Don’t let your kids miss their connection with nature through fantastic summer camp programs in Portland.

Summer Camps for Children

Children spend less time outdoors these days than their previous generations. They are living their life in boxes, or even if they’re outside, they’re surrounded by electronic media and gadgets that restrict them from interacting closely with nature.

The relationship between kids and nature is almost negligible, and the increased screen time is what is highly responsible for it. The reduced interaction between kids and summers is growing at an alarming state, and parents must seek solutions to prevent their kids from tech bots.

Summer Camp Programs in Portland is one of the best ways to induce more interest in kids to explore nature and give them enough time to experience something that is way better than video games and digital media.

Schools these days focus on training kids about the innovations and developments of science and math. During the school break, kids mostly feed on digital content that disrupts their connection with the outer world.

Where is nature? Are the little brains nurtured with only tech education? When you give attention to such crucial things, you realize that a summer camp program in Portland is the best way to improve your kids’ holistic development in the future.

Summer Camps Bring Kids Closer to the Nature

The little young minds are easy to mold, and summer camps give them a shape that supports a better future. Bringing kids away from their computer screens and video games and close to nature, there are so many ways how summer camps are helpful for kids.

Top Benefits of Summer Camps

● Induces interest in Outdoor life: During summer camp programs in Portland, kids spend some independent days in nature doing a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, performing drills, etc. It makes them aware of the world outside their digital games. And all of it helps kids identify their interests that direct them to a better future.

● Acquire New Skills: There are many summer camp activities that require kids to use different skills. Kids stay boosted during the camp, and their mind actively grabs new skills that are helpful for their growth.

● Develops Real Social Interaction: Digital Media has diverged the social interaction skills of kids, and they lack confidence when it comes to real interaction. During summer camps, kids interact with a number of other people from the same age group belonging to different cultures and backgrounds. It, therefore, develops their in-person interaction skills.

The Best Summer Camp Program, Portland

Art World School organizes the best summer camps in Portland for kids. There are a lot of fun group learning and exciting outdoor activities that kids love, and that can transform their summer break into a highly productive time.

Get your kids out of the screens and make them experience real life with highly effective summer camp programs for kids. We also organize winter camp programs for kids. Call us now for more information.

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