Different Types of Summer Camps for Kids

Different Types of Summer Camps for Kids


The modern era was already doing considerable damage to kids with increasing reliance on technology; pandemic-induced worldwide lockdown didn’t help the situation either. The ardent need to engage in outdoor recreational activities and healthy social interaction is getting more prominent with time. A summer camp is a platform where the children get the uninhibited opportunity to tap into their curiosity, learn through real-life experiences, and develop strong skill sets. All the while forging life-long friendships with a like-minded peer group.

The evolution of specialty programs and camps signifies the increasing awareness of holistic personality development instead of a basic academic central approach. Today we have different variations of a summer camp in Portland according to our interests and objectives. You can customize your summer plans and mix-n-match your schedule in any form you wish.

Let’s take a brisk walk through these different types of programs.

  • Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Art and Craft Summer Camp

If your child shows subtle hints of a budding artist, it’s time to unleash their inner creativity. And what better time than summer? The longest break of the year. Channel your skills under the expert guidance of professionals of your genre.

There are different summer camps with fine arts, music, dance, art and craft class, and theatre. The common ground is giving the child a nourishing environment where their talents can shine. These activities enhance your critical thinking, creativity, self-expression, confidence, and fine motor skills.

  • Sports/ Martial Arts Summer Camp

Great physical fitness follows under the regime of holistic personality development. The Sports or Martial Arts Summer Camp offers the athletic students the right expertise in their choice of sport. The importance of including sports in your general curriculum is indefinite and often emphasized by the institution.

The kids learn teamwork, develop leadership qualities, improve coordination and build self-defense skills in a safe and supervised environment.

  • Foreign Language Summer Camp 

These camps are becoming increasingly generic among students and parents equally. The benefits of learning new languages are far-reaching. In the age of modernization, where limits are blurred and the world is getting smaller, being multilingual puts you at the forefront.

Especially in young children, it makes them more culturally and socially aware. They grow up to be global citizens and better leaders of tomorrow.

  • Academic Summer Camp

The world is competitive out there; it’s rapidly dancing on the tunes of advancing technology. Such times call for preparing our kids for the brutal competition out there. That doesn’t have to mean to burden them with unnecessary academia. Summer Camp in Portland provides a supportive environment to the children. They work on their STEM skillset through positive reinforcement and on-hand experiences.

The idea is to instill the interest to learn in them from an early age. Let the students take the initiative to actively enhance their knowledge base.

These were only a few types of summer camps. You can explore more if you dig a little deeper. A traditional summer camp offers you an amalgam of several recreational activities, balanced to complement each other perfectly. Art World School in Portland and Beaverton, Oregon, offers specialized summer camps for kids of every age group. Their professionals in every genre draft intelligent program that gives students a fun and frolic environment to learn and grow.

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