Art World School’s Student Drawing Performance & Art Show: Celebrating the 2024 Lunar New Year Event

Art World School’s Student Drawing Performance & Art Show: Celebrating the 2024 Lunar New Year Event


Experience the vibrant creativity of Art World School’s students at Washington Square Mall’s 2024 Lunar New Year Event. Witness captivating art displays and live drawing performances in honor of the Year of the Dragon.

Student Art Showcase

On February 17, 2024, Art World School proudly presented a student art show and drawing performance to commemorate the 2024 Lunar New Year festivities. Our talented young artists, aged 4 to 14, showcased their artworks throughout the day, captivating audiences with their creativity and skill. Each student took center stage to perform a live drawing of a dragon from memory, adding their unique touch with charcoal sketches or vibrant colors.

Annual Tradition

The 2024 Lunar New Year Event is an annual tradition at Art World School, offering students an invaluable opportunity to showcase their artistic talents and progress from the previous year. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, students hone their dragon artistry in our Fine Art Program classes, receiving professional instruction and mastering the art of drawing from memory within a limited timeframe.

Artistic Growth and Community Engagement

The art show segment of the event provides students with a platform to exhibit their artistic growth, share their inspirations, and connect with the community. From new artworks to award-winning pieces, students display their creations with pride, gaining valuable insights into presentation techniques and drawing inspiration from their peers.

Empowering Artistic Goals

At Art World School, we believe in student-centered teaching and nurturing each student’s unique artistic aspirations. Our comprehensive programs, including the After School Program, Fine Art Program, Online Classes, and Weekend Classes, empower students to develop their skills and prepare for a myriad of artistic opportunities, including art shows, performances, and competitions.

Join the Creative Journey

Join us at Art World School and unleash your child’s creative potential. Whether they’re exploring the magic of drawing or refining their painting techniques, our supportive community and expert instruction will guide them every step of the way.

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