Art World School Students Win 5 out of 6 Finalist Awards in 2024 Washington County Kids After School is Cool Poster Contest

Art World School Students Win 5 out of 6 Finalist Awards in 2024 Washington County Kids After School is Cool Poster Contest


In a remarkable feat, Art World School students clinched 5 out of 6 finalist awards in the prestigious 2024 Washington County Kids Poster Contest. Ayushka, an 8th grader from our school, secured the first place for the middle school to high school age group, earning the honor of having her artwork displayed on select Tri-Met buses in the coming months.

Artistic Triumphs

Art World School is proud to announce the outstanding achievements of our students in the Washington County Kids Poster Contest. Our young artists, aged 4 to 14, showcased their talent and creativity, resulting in a remarkable sweep of 5 out of 6 awards. Each winning entry was crafted with dedication and skill honed in Art World School’s After School Program, Fine Art Program, and Saturday art classes.

Guided by Expertise

At Art World School, students receive expert guidance from our dedicated teachers, who help them navigate the intricacies of art contest rules and design principles. Through our comprehensive curriculum, students develop proficiency in drawing and painting techniques, allowing them to express their ideas with confidence and precision. Our flexible class schedule, offered from Mondays to Saturdays, ensures that students have ample opportunities to refine their skills and explore different mediums, from pastels and watercolors to acrylics and beyond.

Empowering Creativity

Art World School empowers students to participate in various art contests throughout the year, fostering a spirit of creativity, exploration, and growth. We believe that every student is a winner, regardless of competition outcomes, and we encourage all participants to embrace the learning journey. By providing a supportive and nurturing environment, we instill a love for art and creativity in each of our students, equipping them with the skills and confidence to pursue their artistic dreams.

Join the Artistic Journey

Join us at Art World School and unleash your child’s creative potential. With our comprehensive programs, expert instruction, and supportive community, we nurture budding artists and inspire them to reach new heights of artistic excellence. Experience the joy of artistic expression and discover the endless possibilities of creativity with Art World School.

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To explore our programs and enroll your child, visit Art World School today. Let’s embark on a journey of artistic discovery together!

(Photos from the Award Ceremony for 2024 Washington County Kids Poster Contest)

art world school kids
two parrots painting
Art World School student with certificate
student with 3rd place certificate

(Winning Entry for Middle School/High School Group)

I like to express myself painting
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