Art World School Special Event

Art World School Special Event


Pour Art & Acrylic Painting Class

On Sunday, 2/20/23 Art World School held the school’s first special event class of the year for students to learn pour art and acrylic painting techniques. In this 90-minute class, professional fine art teachers from Art World School taught students how to choose their own colors to first make flowers out of pour art and then use acrylic paint to add details with brushes. Students from Art World School’s After School Program, No School Day Camps, and Fine Art Program attended the class and were split into a higher level class as well as a lower level class. Students from the higher level class created irises and backgrounds with pour art and then painted stems, leaves, and other details with acrylic paint later. Students in the lower level class created Sakura flowers and sky with pour art methods and then added the Sakura tree, branches, and other details with acrylic paint. Students all successfully finished their artwork at the end of the class and took home their masterpieces.

Art World School holds special event classes to teach and give students the opportunity to practice different art mediums, techniques, and genres of art, as well as work on fun projects they usually do not experience in the school’s daily programs – the After School Program, Fine Art Program, No School day Camps, and Online Art Program. Previous special event classes at the Art World School have included projects in partnership with Warner Bros, art competition organizers, cartoon/anime art with Copic markers, sign painting, plaster projects, and more. Art World School announces these special event classes to students through notices at the school as well as email communication. Any new, current, or returning students are welcome to sign up for these classes on Art World School’s MindBody page – which they usually use to sign up for individual 1-hour and 90-minute group classes, or 45-minute one-on-one classes. Art World School also uses Mindbody for students to sign up for art shows, special events, or trial classes (for new students).

The next special event class scheduled at Art World School is on 3/5/23 at 1:30pm – 3:30pm and 3:30pm – 5:30pm for students to work with teachers on creating artwork for Scholastic’s “Dragon in My Classroom” contest. Teachers will help students design, draw, and color artwork based on the art contest’s criteria. Each student will be able to receive individual direction and feedback from the teachers. Art World School hopes to help students improve their understanding of composition and use different mediums as well as techniques to express their ideas for the contest, as well as develop their sense of creativity through the process of finishing their entries. Art World School also hopes that students can utilize the strong fundamental skills they developed through the school’s After School Program, Fine Art Program, and No School Day program on their artworks and develop them further with teachers through working on this project.

Art World School hopes to hold more special event classes for students to broaden their horizons on different types of art, and to give them more ideas on how to use their art skills in different ways. Art World School teachers all work hard in these classes to give students the best experiences with new art techniques and mediums.

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