What Goes into a Full Proof Summer Camp Toolkit?

What Goes into a Full Proof Summer Camp Toolkit?


What Goes into a Full Proof Summer Camp Toolkit?

Summer break is the most significant break of the year for school-going children. The pleasant arrival of the tangy summer breeze starts the registration race for the best summer camps. Summer break stories go into the diary of our most
memorable memories that we cherish for life. Summer camps are one such excuse
to make beautiful stories, from which we carry life-altering lessons.

For parents, such camps are a blessing in disguise. The recreational activities during these programs open a window for the students to learn in a fun environment, pursue their passion, and develop vital life skills. Research has shown surprisingly beneficial changes in kids with a healthy summer camp.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Grow Naturally

Summer Camp lets the children step out of their comfort zone in a positive and nourishing environment. Benefits of a wholesome summer camp:

· Keeps the children regulated and set in a routine. It gets easier for them to blend back into the school routine.
· Enhances their social skills as they get the opportunity to interact with other children from different cultural backgrounds.
· Explore freedom of ideas and tap into that curiosity in an encouraging atmosphere.
· Develop as critical thinkers with an inventor mindset into exemplary leaders of tomorrow.
· Enhanced emotional learning as the children learn to work in a team and balance healthy competition.

Now, we’ve established the flourishing effects of Summer Camps in Portland. Parents take elaborated measures to finalize the best possible summer camp in their budget. However, equal importance must be given to the kid’s backpack before you see them off. The kids should be prepared to be in an open environment by themselves. Even though the invigilators and camp counselors are there to supervise and assist the crowd, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Let’s discuss a few must-haves needed before the start of summer camp:

Mini First Aid Kit And Medication Pack

It’s imperative to be equipped with basic first aid kits during the camp. Inquire with the supervisors if they have provisions for a mainstream first aid box in their facility. If your child is on medication, ensure proper communication with the invigilators. Ensure you get a proper and ample prescription from the doctor before the camp starts.

Safe Drinking Water

A water bottle from home ensure that the child remains hydrated throughout the day. Also, check with the camp facility if they have a proper supply of safe drinking water available for the children. It protects them against heat strokes and other dehydration-related sicknesses.

Skin Protection Against Sun

Summer means running around in the scorching heat sun; their delicate skin must remain well protected from harsh rays of the sun. A sunscreen with a minimum SPF value of 30 should be readily available in their bags, with clear application instructions.

Spare Change Of Clothes

Kids tend to get way too excited when having fun or engaging in healthy competition. There might be activities where they can get wet, or sweaty, or be stuck in an emergency needing clothes; a spare change helps in such situations.

Nutrition On The Go

Children can get snacky during fun trips or post physically demanding activities. Pack their bags with nutritious snacking options like granola bars, fruit salads, trail mix, or string cheese. So they don’t switch to unhealthy options around them and get ill in the process.

With a few tips and hacks in mind, you are fully prepared for a fun-filled summer camp.

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