Tips to Find the Perfect Summer Camp 2022

Tips to Find the Perfect Summer Camp 2022


As winter bid its farewell, kids and parents have already started making plans for their summer break. The most extended break of the year provides you ample time at hand to learn new skills while having uncompromised fun. Summer Camp is the ideal getaway for the children. A safe space to foster life skills, new friendships, and gain from real-life experience.

Parents today have especially been benefitted from such recreational camps. They are now less worried about their kids spending their learning time stuck in the confines of the classroom with no fundamental knowledge of the waking world out there. There are a lot of summer camps being organized by independent groups, educational institutions, and communities. Registration for these summer camps start filling fast, and everyone is hustling to grab the hottest spots.

summer camp can be traditional, with a bit of everything, or a specialized camp. Sports camps, dance and music camps, fine arts camps, and performing art camps are a few examples of specialized summer camps.

Here we discuss a few tips for making the right choice before registering for a summer camp in Portland.

  • Check for testimonials and digital presence

While the digital presence of a summer camp is not the ideal parameter for the excellency of a summer camp, it sure helps a lot in making a decision.

You can browse through their student base to check for testimonials left by parents and students. It makes you understand the standard format, vibe, and curricula of the summer program a bit better. Focus on the reviews and protocols of the same age group as your child.

  • Do they have special measures for safety and health protocols?

Certain things aren’t given their due importance and conversation in regular classrooms. A summer camp can be a great platform to talk about physical and mental health. It cultivates a habit of being sound and aware of your health early.

A good program should have specially curated safety and health protocols for the students and well-trained staff to implement these ideologies.

  • Does the program have their own set of values? 

Every professional institution has its set of principles and values they abide by. Always check before enrollment if the values of your summer camp in Portland resonates with your preferences. Is that the kind of environment you are looking for?

These little things tell us a lot about the functioning of the camp. It helps you feel more connected to the place your child will spend a considerable amount of time in.

  • A fun arena for the students to unwind in.

The idea of summer camp was to make the break time productive for the children. But it’s imperative not to compromise on the fun and frolic. Summers are the most awaited time of the year for the children. To take an interest in the camp, they should be motivated from within.

Art World School in Portland has been organizing the best summer camps in the area. Their experience and expertise have led them to create a nourishing and fun environment for the betterment of the kids. To know more about their program, visit their official website.

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