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Today in Art World School students learned about metamorphosis and how different bugs and insects will undergo metamorphosis to grow from a little caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. They learned that the process of metamorphosis involves change and adaptation and to reflect that, each student would draw one process of a bugs metamorphosis and then pass it on to another student to draw the next step of the metamorphosis to reflect the same kind of change and adaptation in drawing and painting styles. In addition, students also explored the differences between insects, bugs, and arachnids and recreated / created their own kinds of crawling creatures. Finally, students participated in an iconic project that many returning students remember called the “boat project”. The boat project, in respects to this weeks theme, explores how bugs and insects interact their way on the water. Through their understanding of how insects, such as the Water Strider, are able to seamlessly float across the water surface through their manipulation of surface tension, they created boats and applied these ideas to create boats that are able to also float and support weights across a small body of water!

Join us next week for the exciting week filled with the future, time travel, and space exploration!


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