Things to look out for before enrolling in a Summer Camp

Things to look out for before enrolling in a Summer Camp


Kids all love Summer Camp and parents love sending their children to summer camp to ensure their proper development and healthy upbringing. The concept of summer camps was started in the 1870s in Italy; this was the first time that basic outdoor camping was offered to school kids to escape growing modernization during their summer.

Today, summer camps are a center of fun learning and skill development in almost all fields. Children are open to opting for their career at such young age so they can be guided to a good field so that they develop interest and keen knowledge of the field along with learning basic life skills and social skills necessary to grow up to be a responsible and successful citizen. Further, camps have a significant impact on mental development during their formative years. Summer camps are also beneficial as they allow for optimal utilization of the break time for children.

Summer camps are provided by established schools, government institutes, art centers, and many other sources. Sometimes specialized businesses are also developed that provide classes in the extra-curricular field for children that that are interested to learn a new skill. For high school children, specialized career-focused camps are also run by industry leaders or government to develop prior knowledge of the field and to provide hands-on experience to children about the field they wish to pursue in the coming years and would they achieve their goals in the field or if they wish to change their career choice in the future.

To commit a child to anyone summer camp program is a big decision and must be taken after a thorough analysis; some things that must be kept in mind are as follows:

  1. The array of classes is offered by the service provider in the camp.
  2. The field that the classes are focused on and the interest of the child in the field.
  3. The total duration of the camp
  4. The various skill that would be taught to the child in the camp
  5. The experience of the instructor or teacher at camp in his field.
  6. The legal and financial standing of the firm or the service provider to ensure proper care and development of the children.
  7. The security measures that have to be taken, especially in sports-oriented camps
  8. The age groups of the children involved in the camp


To end, we can agree that a summer camp can make or break a child’s future. To ensure the rise and safety of the child, all kinds of security checks must be made by the parents before enrolling the child into the class; further detail of the curriculum must be checked and discussed with the children to ensure their happiness. In case you are looking for Summer Camp in Portland, visit Art World School that is well known for providing an excellent experience to children in art camps and developing life-long skills in all the disciplines of fine arts.

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