The Parent Handbook for Choosing Summer Camps for Kids

The Parent Handbook for Choosing Summer Camps for Kids


Summertime seems to be a bit of a stretch right now. With chilly winter mist all around us, summers are most the most awaited time of the year. The end of the school period brings anticipation to explore freedom from the mundane routine of books for the children. Booking registration for summer camp starts like a blind race before we can decipher the change in weather.

There are several pointers to be noted before we conclude selecting a Summer Camp in Portland. Let’s have a quick look over these considerations.

  1. The Earlier, The better
    One of the wisest sayings, “the early bird catches the worm,” fits well into this situation. Early booking doesn’t just reserve the best spots with the best activities for you. But it also means significant early-bird benefits on the registration fee of these camps.
  2. Streamline Your Choices into One
    Sometimes, kids can be very indecisive with the activities they want to pursue in a Summer Camp. It’s best to make a list of your available summer camp options and then prioritize the activities of your choice accordingly. Avoid transitioning into different programs during your summer break.
  3. Time Management
    Once you finalize the itinerary for the Summer Camp, it’s best to allocate time to each activity. Whatever activities you choose for yourself, divide the weeks and hours according to the level of exposure you are looking for and the payment of the program. This way, you get the best benefits in the total worth cost.
  4. Location and Transportation
    Doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen the best Summer Camp in Portland if you can’t manage to commute with ample relaxation time to the kids and yourself. It’s vital to keep in mind the summer camp location from your home and the mode of transportation to the camp. Coordinating or carpooling with other children in the community who might go to the same camp is an excellent way to manage the hassles.
  5. Generic Program and Specialty Programs
    Generic summer camps host various programs and recreational activities arranged in one. Whereas, Specialty programs are more focused on particular programs like music, dance, sport, martial arts, etc. It’s best to include the child while making this decision, especially teens.
  6. Exposure to Nature
    Usually, parents aim to give their kids real-life experience and connection with nature through Summer Camps. Inquire beforehand if the camp includes field trips and, if so, what are the safety protocols they adhere to. Also, be clear about invigilators, location, and mode of transportation for the trip.
  7. Lunch Facilities
    Some camps provide lunch facilities in their vicinity, while some give out meal planners o the children. Be very thorough when you inquire about hot lunch or cold lunch in the camp. If there’s hot lunch, would they be accommodating to your child’s dietary restrictions?

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