Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Child Alone After School Hours

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Child Alone After School Hours


There are some compelling reasons why it is not a good idea to leave your child alone after school until you get home from work. An after school program in Portland is a good idea to engage the kids, but let’s navigate the Whys before we make the move.

Unsuitable and Non-Productive for Children
According to research, the hours immediately following school are when children are most at risk. Even if your children are not misbehaving, they are frequently at home eating, playing games, or watching television, which means they are not getting much use out of their alone time.

In an effort to adapt to the new, socially-distant lifestyle that we now lead—one that is largely online—2020 has forced many of us parents to learn new skills and ways of living or to re-learn the things we previously believed we already understood. For instance, more parents may be pondering their options for after-school programmes than ever due to the fact that many children attend school from home and require involvement the moment classes stop.

Even if children are returning to school, parents may still wonder if they should turn to extracurricular activities to make up for lost time and fill in any gaps. If they wish to limit in-person interaction, are there any online alternatives?

Concerns about unattended children strain families, and they have even been shown to have an impact on your career.
The after-school program in Portland may look very different from those that many families are used to and enjoy, but it is still a crucial answer in times of uncertainty, so now is as good a moment as ever for parents to learn about or reintroduce themselves to it.

Value Addition of After-School Programs

An organized activity or experience known as an “after-school program” (sometimes known as an “OST” or “Out-of-School Time Program”) gives children supervision while giving children the chance to participate in enrichment, skill development, athletics, the arts, and other activities.
The after-school program in Portland bridges the period between when school gets out for the day and when it’s time for kids to return to parent supervision, just as summer camp keeps youngsters occupied and interested.
Similar to how families use summer camps to combine entertainment and skill development, after-school programmes can achieve a similar balance of fun and enrichment.

How do you locate an effective after-school program for kids?
How can you locate one given their significance and the knowledge that there are currently fewer after-school programmes available than there formerly were?
The traditional solution was to check one of the various sources of information about after-school programmes, but given the present state of unpredictability, there is a potential that a lot of the general information currently available online is out-of-date.

Consult your district and/or school.
Given the intricacy and unpredictability of the situation as well as how conditions vary from place to city, much of what may be put online may be out-of-date.
Check with your local school or district for extra learning resources as many have been diligent in supplying them.

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