Reasons Why After School Programs in Portland are a Hit Among Kids

Reasons Why After School Programs in Portland are a Hit Among Kids


The current young generation is constantly looking for new activities to get involved in, and the structured setting of schools isn’t really doing them any favors.

What then do you as a parent do? Most parents continue to explore for answers to this dilemma and alternate solutions. Keeping track of their children’s activities can be difficult for parents, mainly if they are busy with work.

Don’t worry; we have an after school program in Portland that you can use to ensure your kids are doing something useful with their time after school.

Need for After School Programs in Portland

Eighty percent of school-age children and teens spend their waking hours outside school, and 1 in 5 young Americans is alone after school. High-quality after-school activities encourage healthy youth development and provide a secure environment for kids to discover their potential.

Effective after school programs in Portland offer learning environments that help kids in several ways.

Benefits of After School Programs

According to various writers and studies, after school programs offer learning environments and a wider variety of advantages for kids, families, and communities.

Find out the five most significant advantages of taking part in after school programs.

• Strengthen Lifelong Learning

An effective after school program can promote productive learning. This is a considerable advantage, especially for children who learn and think in unique ways. Various studies prove that people are not born with all the intelligence and posses them over their lifetime. Therefore, experience and practice are vital.

For this reason, after school programs are essential for kids of all ages as they are provided with academic and physical activities that aid in fostering their overall development.

• Improve the Functioning of the Brain

Better brain function and improved academic performance are closely related to after school participation. According to a recent study from the University of Illinois that was published in the journal Pediatrics, elementary school students who participated in an after school program for about an hour a day had better cognitive abilities and were more focused than students who did not participate in much physical activity.

• Better Social and Emotional Skills

After school programs in Portland offer the ideal conditions for developing social and emotional skills in kids and young children. Life skills are vital for the kids’ growth as they include activities to develop communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

• Promote Healthy Habits

Active children turn into active adults. Maintaining an active lifestyle is a significant element of achieving and maintaining good health and wellbeing. According to some data, early childhood high activity may ‘track’ into early adulthood high activity. More particular, studies have shown that high-quality after school programs significantly increase kids’ physical activity.

• Boost New Talents

After school programs in Portland offer plenty of activities to choose from. Kids can participate in any activity they are interested in without worrying about failure. As a result, kids may be more willing to try new things, discover new passions and take positive risks.

Best After School Programs in Portland – Art World School

To provide your children with an enjoyable education, Art World School organizes after school programs in Portland. We aim to close the time gap between after school hours and when children come home under parental supervision. Under the direction of the top teachers, your children will learn the fundamental subjects and other things.

Allow your kids to develop beyond the constraints of their routine schedule! Call us immediately to find out more about our after school programs.

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