Places For The Best Outdoor Winter Camp in Portland

Places For The Best Outdoor Winter Camp in Portland


November and December mean festive parties, snow and vacations days from school. It can feel like your kids are at home more than in the classroom. Keep your kids busy and happy with the help of our Winter Camps and Activities Guide in Portland.

They get to spend the winter days doing an assortment of crafting with natural materials, keeping a cozy tending fire, cooking wild-crafted stew & teas, and discovering the ways of winter living while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors in the winter.

Join us to create exciting works of art inspired by the winter season! From snowy landscapes, holiday traditions, and cold-weather animals live in their icy habitats. This camp will use a variety of media techniques and art mediums.

We have the various best places in Portland for enjoying winter camp:-

1. Beaver Campground

Settled between substantial old maple trees and towering sycamores, Beaver Campground makes a great place to stay when camping near Portland.

Wind River flows near which helps to add to the peace to the area. The surrounding forest is natural wonder to explore, and as the campgrounds are small, with only 24 tents, you will feel as you are in the middle of a forest.

2. Lost Lake

Lost Lake has many room facilities for everyone who wants to go camping near Portland.

The park also has various trails to explore, a public boat lunch sites, and a fishing dock, and make the most beautiful Lake that it sits on. Among others most art camps use this site to host outdoor activities due it’s natural scenic beauty.

3. Misty River

Misty River campground has some excellent riverfront RV sites, meaning you can wake up by hearing the sounds of the running water with some beautiful views. This allows for young artists to breathe in fresh air and ideas for their art works. The scenery here itself is a great view to create a landscape portrait.

Vacation is the only time when friends, family, and children spend time together in a different place, changing daily routines and making life joyful.

Winter camps are an excellent option for children to spend time with children their age. Most of the winter camps teach new skills to children that remain with them for a lifetime. Children learn communication, leadership skills, and discipline, which play a significant role in their life. They get to know how they have to live as responsible citizens of the society.


Among other places where children can make memories of winter camp. Day camps are held in the city itself that are safer in the winter as children get to return home in the evening and among them best Winter Camp In Portland and Beaverton is known to be Art World School that hosts interactive winter camps for children of all ages and allows them to undertake different fine arts activities like painting, calligraphy, sculpturing, clay craft, etc during the winter camp program.

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