Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Right Summer Camp Programs in Portland

Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Right Summer Camp Programs in Portland


Selecting the best summer camp program in Portland for your kid can be complicated and occasionally overwhelming. It might be challenging to find the best camp for your child’s interests, temperament, and hectic schedule because there are so many options to take into account.

Additionally, it is your duty as a parent to guarantee that the camp you select for your child is run in a manner that is safe and suitable for their age and ability level. Parents should think about the following factors while selecting summer camp options for their children:

– Determine the principle emphasis for the summer camp program in Portland. Each camp has a unique philosophy and focuses on particular programs. While some camps encourage controlled group activities, others give kids more freedom to select the individual tasks that they find interesting.

While some summer camps in Portland only provide traditional activities like horseback riding and archery, others could be completely dedicated to athletics, acting, or surfing.

Alternatively, perhaps your child might thrive in a competitive camp setting, whereas a different youngster would benefit more from engaging in non-competitive camp activities. You may choose the best camp for your child by understanding their personality, hobbies, personal characteristics, and learning style.

– Verify the camp’s American Camp Association accreditation.
Camps must adhere to up to 300 best-practice industry standards related to camper health, safety, and programme issues crucial to a camp’s operation in order to be accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA).

– Inquire about the background of the camp director.
Verify that the camp director satisfies the minimum requirements established by the ACA to ensure their qualification. Such requirements advise camp directors to have a bachelor’s degree, have extensive experience running camps, and have participated in in-service training within the previous three years.

– Ratios of campers to counsellors.
Compare the camp’s counsellor-to-camper ratio to ACA guidelines to ensure that your child is receiving the individualized care and supervision required for his or her age.

– Ask about the camp personnel.
The camp experience for your child can be made or broken by their counsellors. Counsellors oversee camp activities in addition to serving as role models. They should be reliable, trustworthy, and enthusiastic about their work.
In order to ensure campers’ safety, counsellors must also be CPR and First Aid certified, as well as have passed criminal background checks before being hired.

– Provision for those with specific needs. Ask the camp if it is prepared to address your child’s unique needs if they arise from an allergy or another medical issue if your child has them.

– Discover the camp’s policy on discipline.

Rules are necessary for every organization, and the camp’s disciplinary policy should be transparent and fair. Things to look for include affirmation, a sense of fair play, and forceful role modelling. Staff members at the camp should enforce punishments properly, gently, and without unnecessarily criticizing offenders.

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