Open Your Children to the Experience of a New language with Chinese classes.

Open Your Children to the Experience of a New language with Chinese classes.


It is a known fact that as we grow older, we tend to have difficulty in absorbing new things as we have lost the one essential that augments learning in children, Curiosity of the unknown. Children are always excited about new things as many things exist that they have never heard about or experienced. This Curiosity and excitement they possess offer them many unique opportunities of learning things.

The curiosity children possess them into a magnet of information as they wish to know about everything. The natural influence of curiosity also makes their learning ability to be very strong as they can retain knowledge much more effectively as compared to adults; at such an age, it would be suggestible to expose children to a character-building environment that offers them a fantastic amount of information about the different parts of the world, culture, and much more.

The best way to feed their excitement of the world and cultures would be to provide them with the opportunity to learn a foreign language with a rich heritage that offers to be an unmatched skill as they grow up and also adds to their developing world view. In the advancing present times, the language that is known to be an essential factor in the future is Chinese or Mandarin, which is the official name of the language.

Mandarin is known to be among one of the oldest languages in the world. Its importance has grown drastically in the present times due to the amazing growth of the global business, and China is the world hub of manufacturing electronics. Mandarin as a language is considered to be difficult as it possesses about 50,000 characters, of which 5000 are commonly used in speech. Due to such reasons, it is suggested to introduce this language to new learners early so that they can master it with time. It also offers children an opportunity to enhance their learning abilities while learning the language.

Some of the features of a Chinese School for children would be:

  • Focus on Tonal development: Children should be started off with listening to Chinese as it is a tonal language and requires them to understand the different forms of tones before they begin to speak it. There is no text-based technique to teach tone, so it has to be learned by experience.
  • Fun Character learning technique: Children would need to be engaged in learning the characters of mandarin as there are so many, and learning them would be essential to reading, writing and speaking Chinese fluently as they grow up.
  • Focus on the flow of sentences: In Chinese, there do not exist rigid grammar rules as in the case of English; hence the writing of sentences can be convenient, but in the verbal use of Chinese shapes to be a language of flow which can be learned with the help conversation-style teaching. A good teacher would encourage the children to communicate more so that they can develop their own flow with time.


We can agree that Chinese as a language would be a great addition to the skill set of children who would be able to learn a lot about the culture and language with an excellent Chinese school. In case you wish to help your child to explore this fantastic language and plan to find the leading Chinese School in Beaverton, then you can end your search with Art World School, which are an established name in offering the best extra-curricular programs and have now started offering Chinese Classes in Beaverton for children of all ages.

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