Learning the Tongue of the Dragon with the Best Chinese Classes in Portland

Learning the Tongue of the Dragon with the Best Chinese Classes in Portland


With the changing times and growing competition in every field, a few additional skills have become a necessity in life; with most of the leading MNC of the country going to the South East Asia region, learning foreign languages can put you ahead of a number of candidates in a job interview. China is becoming the technology production hub of the world, with enhanced technical capability, significant human resources, and fewer legal restrictions.

Chinese is a common reference name to the language known as Mandarin; Chinese as a language possesses a history of more than 3000 years and has its origins in the Sino-Tibetan and Himalayan region of Asia. Over the period, mandarin has had a number of speaking and writing dialects. The international recognition is the Beijing manner or dialect. This is also one of the six working languages in the UN and possesses international recognition in other world organizations.

The learning of language, though considered simple by people, due to the vast background and diversity of Chinese, beginning at an early age is advisable. The benefits of Chinese Classes in Portland for children or adults are uncountable, but the leading ones can be:

  • Enhancing World Culture: If international students learn each other’s languages, it leads to a better tomorrow, with mutual interaction, understanding, and co-operation. It also helps the new immigrating individuals that are far from home and would be happy to able to use their mother tongue to understand and learn more about the new place.
  • Teaches mutual respect: Learning Chinese does not only mean knowing the language also understanding and getting versed with the culture; this allows children to learn about the historical and cultural heritage of China.
  • Ability to communicate directly: As a professional, it makes a massive difference in being able to communicate in a different language without translation; it also acts as a sign of good faith and respect for their local language and culture. This can benefit the individual in a number of ways.
  • Benefit for travelers: Adults that are employed in fields that requires them to travel around the world learning a couple of international languages is an added advantage; Chinese is also a regional language as some of the neighboring regions also speak Chinese.
  • Broaden the mental horizon: Learning any foreign language, not just Chinese, allows students to understand life in a different part of the world and how it compares to their own life; this allows the children to develop a better understanding of life and human behavior that can prove to be beneficial during a lifetime.


Now, we can define that learning Mandarin is a beneficial step for both academic as well as personal life, to verse young children with not just a language but heritage Art World School is bringing the best Chinese School in Portland with our brand-new and well planned Chinese language. Learning a new language helps children face the brave new world with unwavering courage and confidence and hence achieve their goals.

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