Is Art Class Truly Beneficial To A Child’s Development?

Is Art Class Truly Beneficial To A Child’s Development?


Art plays a more important role in child development and is considered a fundamental discipline for the education of the little ones. Send your kids to the No School Day Program in Portland as they will improve their reading, listening, writing, and other skills.

In addition, using art as a vehicle of expression for children is very enriching since it can become a great form of communication for them.

According to Art School in Portland, children transmit ideas and feelings through music, dance, and body language. If adults can interpret this language, then they can enter the world of children.

1 – The Music

Music has been initiated into the educational system during preschool ages as it is a type of art important in child development. Music affects areas such as the intellectual, auditory, sensory, speech, and motor.

2 – Literature

The psychologists specialized in the early stimulation of reading agree that reading is a habit that is hardly acquired in adulthood. And it is that, in general, the love for reading has only possibilities to consolidate when it has been awakened in childhood.

Children’s study is one of the most enriching exercises in the world. It develops cognitive abilities such as memory, language, the capacity for abstraction, and imagination.

3 – Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting are two creative actions that promote and support the child to develop in many fields. They help develop fine motor skills, reading, writing, creativity, and increase self-confidence.

In addition, these disciplines are an excellent means for the child to express his feelings, emotions, and sensations. As if this were not enough, it contributes significantly to forming your personality and psychological maturity.

4 – The Theatre

Another way to introduce art into child development is through theatre. Practicing this discipline helps children learn important values ​​such as respect and tolerance.

5 – Body Expression

Through movement and body expression, children enhance and promote their physical development: healthy body growth, safe handling, maintenance of flexibility, and natural abilities to move, run, jump and turn. They also acquire balance, coordination, and control necessary for their evolutionary development.


The Art School in Portland encourages natural creativity through their No School Day Program in Portland. It is advisable to promote free drawing. With it, the child can unleash their imagination and their way of expressing himself. To achieve this, it helps to facilitate access to different materials such as watercolor, fabric, various paints, and 3D art materials.

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