Importance of Art Classes for Kids and Adults

Importance of Art Classes for Kids and Adults


The Art in education is losing its essence. Schools have shifted their focus more on technical knowledge, and students are deprived of art education. While most schools are following the same trend, Art World School, the best Art School in Portland, has organized the curriculum with great inclusion of Art education.

The Lose String in Kids Development

In recent years, many educational institutions have cut art education. It gets important for parents to know what are the benefits of art and how it helps in the holistic development of their kids.

Known for providing the number one Art Classes in Portland, Art World School considers art an integral part of kids’ education. Undoubtedly, art is fun for kids and a good activity to develop their fundamental skills.

Benefits of Art Education for Kids

  • Builds their sense of creativity

Dipping their hands in paint and drawing whatever they like seems like mere a fun activity. But it is something much more than that. Art helps kids to express their imagination in a creative way. They learn to give shape to their thoughts, which makes them more expressive.

  • Better Fine Motor Skills

Art classes play a crucial role in developing younger kids and growing more creative. Kids who are put to art classes at an early age develop better fine motor skills. Kids love to scribble with crayons, and this improves their fine motor skills on the adjacent side.

  • Visual Learning

Text and numbers are not enough for kids. Drawing and painting help kids to raise their visual-spatial skills. The best art classes in Portland by Art World School induce better interpretation skills in kids to criticize and use the visual information.

  • Improved Focus

Kids must learn how to concentrate better, and art is the one and a highly recommended way for it. Focus is an important component of learning, and with the top-ranked art classes in Portland from Art World School, kids develop a better focus.

Art Classes for Adults

You might have missed the crucial part ofa education in your childhood, but Art can still be of very high importance for you.

Learn how Art helps adults in improving the quality of their life.

Benefits of Art for Adults –

  • Relaxation

Switch off from the outer world and add some relaxing hours to your life. Art is a proven way of improving adults’ physical and mental health. Drawing for a few sets of periods works like a meditation activity.

  • Improves Creativity

Art helps you maintain good levels of creativity and balances both the right and left sides of your brain. Take some time away from your work desk and dive into the world of Art for creativity.

  • Boosts Memory

Art for adults acts as a memory booster. It improves your observing skills and makes you learn how to look at an object in a more focused way.


There are many other benefits of art for kids as well as adults. If you are looking for the best art School or art Classes in Portland for yourself, Art World School is the top-ranked school in the region.

Inducing the benefits of art in the developing stage for kids and helping adults find more positivity in life with creativity, we have curated special art classes for every age group.

Enjoy the maximum benefits of art with our special art classes.

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