How to Facilitate Learning Chinese for Kids Beyond Classroom?

How to Facilitate Learning Chinese for Kids Beyond Classroom?


If your child is enrolled in Chinese classes in Portland, you already understand the importance of being bilingual or multilingual in modern times. And childhood is the best age to develop new skills and build new interests that shape you for the best in the future.

Chinese schools in Portland are doing their job with sheer motivation and commitment in expanding the worlds of younger ones. But when the home environment resonates with these learning experiences for the kids, it becomes easier for them to accommodate and implement their knowledge in the real world.

We are in the era of globalization, and the new generation is taking this trend of eliminating boundaries to a higher level. It’s imperative we remember that the Chinese classes of Portland are raising the leaders of tomorrow. We want our kids to grow up as people of culture, strength, and empathy.

Here are some lesser-known benefits of learning Chinese.

– Better and far-reaching communication skills.
– New career opportunities across the world.
– Gain a competitive edge over others
– Better critical thinking
– Enhanced cognitive ability
– Better social and cultural understanding

Now that we’ve covered the broader advantages of learning Chinese, let’s talk about how we can contribute to this learning process.

  • Encourage your child to learn with all their senses.

This is an approach followed by Chinese classes in Portland for years. Kids have a better shot at understanding something when they have hands-on experience with it. Something that encourages them to stimulate all their senses. You can use different objects in your home and let them guide you towards pronouncing their name in Chinese.

When kids use the same word over time in different scenarios, they better understand.

  • Don’t just say- Sing it! 

Singing anything instantly adds joy, fun, and excitement to it. Chinese schools in Portland make children do a number of activities where they sing rhymes and songs in Chinese. But doing so in the warm comforts of your home with their parents has a different impact altogether on our tiny tots.

  • Listen and Speak aloud kid’s stories in Chinese

Add a twist to your story time. Re-reading the stories the kids are familiar with in Chinese can have a greater impact than you think. This might be something that both of you can do together while expanding your literacy.

It is a proven natural method to grow your vocabulary, understand sentence patterns, and enhance native language skills. The idea is to keep their interest intact from point A to B.

  • Stay at it consistently and don’t miss on the fun.

There are times when children want a break from their regular Chinese Classes in Portland. They might feel demotivated to move further in their learning process. This time is very crucial to balance in their journey. Parents can rekindle the passion for learning Chinese in their kids by adopting fun and playful techniques that reconnect them with the exciting aspects of the language.

When home and school together with work to create a positive, nourishing growth experience for children, the world becomes a better place to learn.

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