How are Summer Camps Important for Kids

How are Summer Camps Important for Kids


Summers are gone, but the benefits of summer camp are going to stick with your child throughout the year and for their entire lifetime. Summer camp programs in Portland are the best ways to promote the holistic growth of kids and allow them to gain new experiences outside the school.

How are summer camps right for kids? What are the best summer camps in Portland? You will get to know everything in this blog.

Summer Camps in Portland

Do you still recall the memories from your summer camp when you were a kid? It is always fun to recall such fabulous days when you experienced the most carefree afternoons, made new friendships that are still going after years, and learned a lot of things that you still use or helped you a lot in your life.

If this does not convince you that Summer Camps are important for your kids, here are a few of the benefits of summer camps for kids.

Develops the Sense of Independence

It is a transitioning period for many kids when they attend summer camps. Kids stay away from their parents and develop a sense of independence. It allows the kids to break away from their shyness, explore the world under self-command, and gives them enough time to understand the world through their own thought processes.

Develop Skills they Use Forever

Summer camps in Portland are full of thrilling activities. Kids find themselves in a whole new world where they participate in multiple group and individual activities. Some summer camps also include hiking, where kids get a chance to exercise their leadership skills by guiding other kids.

Since kids are on their own during the camping and are only supervised by the camp in charge, they get enough space to make decisions that helps them in developing their decision-making skills. Kids learn many other crucial skills, like taking the initiative, communication skills, etc., during summer camps.
Teaches them Resiliency

Boosting the confidence of kids during their childhood is important, but teaching them to be resilient is equally important, if not more. Summer camp programs in Portland are full of challenging activities that teach kids to make a stronger comeback even after an inevitable setback.

Brings them Closer to the Nature

Technology is everywhere, but kids must stay in touch with nature too. Spending time in nature during the summer camps enables better sensory and other physical movements in kids, which is so important for their personal growth.

Best Summer Camps in Portland

There are several summer camp activities for kids organized by different institutions in Portland. But as a responsible parent, you must ensure that you are the best summer camp for your kids.

Art World School organizes the best summer camps in Portland, and it is not just in words. We include a lot of development activities during our camps that make kids learn, laugh, jump, and enjoy the best days of their lives.

Our summer camp programs in Portland are rated the best by parents and kids for safety, the number of activities, as well as the overall growth and development of kids. We also have similar winter camp programs.

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